Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mengenal Mary Celeste

On 4 November 1872 went kind of square rigged sailing ship from the port of New York to Italy. The ship was discovered on December 4, 1872 by the ship Dei Gratia was empty, with no single passenger.

Nothing has happened tanda2 piracy. All the stuff looks neat intact including barang2 valuable. Satu2nya instructions that do not mean the last record of Ship Captain Benjamin Spooner Brigg. In it is written only looks bad weather and storms will probably happen soon.

The question today is where all passenger Mary Celeste? Had a great storm barang2 why is not messy? Still neatly in place. There also had found a bottle of medicine that has opened the bottle cap is still intact without any bekas2 spills.

Stranger still the ship was found (with no one inside), stay on track voyage is right and has left New Jordan is located around 500 kilometers away. Where all the crew and passengers on the ship Mary Celeste? What makes an unmanned ship is still on the right track after a long voyage from the port of origin?. know whether because the incidence of this mysterious ship called The ship Mary Celeste Ghost Ship