Friday, June 10, 2011

Myths & Facts About Cigarettes

As if there are no conditions are too poor to cigarettes. Muklas (40s), junk scavengers in the area Mampang, South Jakarta, every day a pack of cigarettes worth USD 3700. Income is uncertain, ranging from Rp 6,000 to Rp 15,000 a day.


It's cool and modern 1.Merokok
The truth is that smoking makes teeth yellow, wrinkled skin, red eyes and breath odor. Is this a sign of cool and modern?.

2.Kamu baseball wants out of date because now everybody smokes
The truth is that only one out of five high school students are smokers, stay on pendirianmu, dare to say "no." They will adore you "PD" you, and you certainly proud as well.

3.Kamu young can stop anytime you want
The truth is. Once you try smoking, it's hard to quit because nicotine is addictive. The reality is that most of the heavy smokers, began smoking during adolescence and they're hard to stop.

4.Merokok make you sexy
Ever heard? Smelling smokers like kissing an ashtray! Not to mention your hair and clothes smelling like a chimney.

5.Merokok a slender body
If this is true, you never see fat people smoking dong! Evidence, smokers can be fat or thin.

6.Merokok not a problem and will not turn off
The truth is, although it would take 10-20 years, still proved to cigarette resulted in 80% of lung cancers and 50% of heart attacks, in addition to various other cancers, impotence, fertility disorders and others. Even Marlboropun cowboy actor died of lung cancer.

7.Kalau bit okay
The truth is: How much suction alone is increasing the heart rate, blood pressure, lack of oxygen, labored breathing, coughing, nausea, headache 43% of people who smoke 3 bars a day, it can cause addiction and increases the risk of heart attack 2 -3 times higher than non-smokers.

8.Kalau you are strong and independent, no one can set you for not smoking
The truth is: Freedom and maturity means can decide for themselves what is good for themselves based on logic and reason are true, not be part of it.

9.Merokok certainly not bad, the evidence is widely advertised everywhere
Do you not realize that without the fantastic profits, cigarette advertisements will be willing to invest capital prosi make billions? Where's the point? Yes from addiction you that!.

Yes 10.Masa cigarette ads will lie
Now this way, Buy candy that could diecerpun no writing list contents wrapped content. Moreover, cigarette commodities worldwide. Did you ever see a list of hazardous material content in the pack or cigarette ad?

11.Emang gw * why if I mrokok? Anyway it CHEAPER!
In fact, if you do not smoke in 1 year, you can save 3 MILLION dollars!
ga believe? count yourself in
Calculate your spending Remove For Smoking
1. Addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes as ketagihannya with heroin or cocaine.
2. The younger you start smoking cigarettes, then a stronger sense of your addiction to smoking.
3. Most drug users and alcohol drinkers originated from smokers.
4. Smokers are often surprised to learn that they are addicted to a substance. Many of us believe that smoking is just a bad habit, something we can stop with ease that is when we had decided on his own time someday
5. Dangers of Passive Smokers 3 Times Active Smokers
25 percent of harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke enter the body, while 75 percent free air circulating in a risky entry into the body of people around him.
How smokers become addicted?
Nicotine is a poison that acts directly to the brain, mind and body damage. If you smoke, you will be dependent on nicotine. Without cigarettes, you experience symptoms that are less good:
- Feeling short-tempered, hollow or growled.
- Anxious or restless.
- Stress at work.

Relief that you enjoy from each cigarette is temporary and the symptoms will return the original. You then would light a cigarette again and soon, you become addicted to nicotine.

VERY EASY TO addiction
Smokers can become addicted quickly because:
- Nicotine is absorbed into the body with ease.
- Unlike other poisons, cigarettes easily available so it is easy to be consumed.
Nicotine in cigarette smoke only takes about 10 seconds just to get to the brain. Those who think smoking cigarettes is safe with did not light it, big mistake. Because nicotine can also be absorbed through the mouth, nose and skin.

HABITS that deathful
Remember not only cigarettes contain nicotine. Each blast of smoke also contains 4000 toxic chemicals that cause serious illness.
contoh2 substances that can be seen in the image:

Smoking can lead to:
Brain: stroke, brain chemistry changes
Mouth and throat: lip cancer, mouth, throat, and larynx
The heart: arteries weaken, increasing the risk of heart attack
Chest: esophageal cancer
Lung: cancer, emphysema, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Liver: cancer
Stomach: gastric ulcer, gastric cancer, pancreatic and colon, stomach artery dilation
Kidney and bladder: cancer
Male reproduction: sperm damage, impotence
Reproductive women: cervical cancer, sterility
Feet: gangrene due to blood clotting

DO NOT be deceived
There is a cigarette that is said to be safer because it contains low levels of nicotine. This is not true, because cigarettes are the same kind of danger with any other cigarette. So whatever the lowest level of nicotine in cigarettes is dangerous.

Free yourself
Keep away from cigarettes - do not ever try it as a pride. He only needs bberapa cigarettes to become addicted.
Nicotine inhaled in cigarette smoke to move from the lungs, into the bloodstream and reach the brain of smokers within a period of 70-10 seconds. Once there, nicotine triggers a chemical reaction that creates temporary feelings of pleasure for smokers, but this sensation is only temporary, subside within a few minutes. Because the level of nicotine in the blood, smokers feel tense and anxious. So, to ease the discomfort, smokers light up more ... and then .. and others. And so on - a vicious cycle of nicotine addiction. One cigarette is never enough!