Friday, June 10, 2011

Garrincha, Inventors 'Banana Kick' Forgotten

Already on the right know-shaking kick Roberto Carlos Fabien Barthez before the World Cup '98? That tuh turn the ball while in the air. That's the banana kick, the "curvy" but hard bgt. The first ngelakuin, there are many versions of hell. The gw lift the limping child from Brazil, the greatest footballer of all time after Pele, Garrincha.

His real name is Manuel Francisco dos Santos. Born in 1953 in a state of sloping spine and both legs are not equal in length. Can not imagine if he is top dribbler ever born on earth. Seeing his disability he is, no one thinks of the future star of Brazil.

First takes the World Cup in Sweden in 1958. Facing the Soviet Union's favorite champion, Garrincha immediately riveting in the first minute. Passing through 3 players and menceploskan goals. That was the beginning glory. Pele made ​​his cooperation with other teams in ruins. Brazil's own champion at that time after beating the host with the score 4-2. Garrincha was signed "Best XI World Cup 1958".

World Cup both in 1962. Pele injury since the match to-2, since that time European teams rely Catenaccio hard. Garrincha appear as a star player. In the quarterfinals, against England this was Garrincha show off his skills. Receiving the ball outside the penalty box and kicked it with a curved trajectory, it was the first time the technique of "banana kick" was shown. This year Brazil again the champion after beating Czechoslovakia.

Playing Style

As a winger, Garrincha mengandalakan dribble and speed. Noted he produced 232 goals in both of the legs and head. Passing, heading and shooting all including first-class. He is also known as the executor of the benar2 deadly dead ball. His head was still able to produce a goal despite his height, including the short time (1.69 m). Anyway markotop top dah. Samba bgt deh!

Death bed

Garrincha daily life is spent with the nightlife and alcohol. As a result his health impaired. Year 1983 Garrincha died tragically due to liver damage. At that time he "new" 50-year-old. His name was immortalized into a stadium in Brazil "Estádio Mane Garrincha." There's even a movie too lho, Garrincha - Estrela Solitária ("Lonely Star") that release in 2003. Books were written about him, "Garrincha - The Triumph and Tragedy of Brazil's footballing Forgotten Hero"


World Cup champion: 1958, 1962
Campeonato Carioca: Botafogo by 1957, 1961, 1962
O'Higgins Cup winner: by Brazil in 1955, 1959, 1961
Oswaldo Cruz Cup: Brazil by 1958, 1961, 1962
Roca Cup: Brazil by 1960
Torneio Rio-São Paulo by Botafogo 1962, 1964, 1966

World Cup top scorer: 1962 (tied)
World Cup Player of the Tournament: 1962
World Soccer Player of the Year: 1962
Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame

>> When playing for Botafogo age 19 years, he had to go to the gym to ride the train for 2.5 hours and walk 3 miles away.
>> One of the few players have ever scored a goal direct from a corner kick. He recorded 3 times to do it.
>> Ever threatened to be thrown-brick (read: red-carded) because too much dribbling past opponents
>> Login "FIFA Player of the 20th Century"