Friday, June 10, 2011

Free of Pain With Hot Pepper Stunning! Want to Try?

Anesthesia method enters a new phase. The experts have managed to find new ways to minimize pain during surgery by using a chemical compound found in chili peppers.

Capsaicin, these are the names of chemical compounds that give a sense of "hot" in hot peppers. The last few years was so intense capsaisin investigated by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, United States, because of its potential as a drug that only works on specific targets, ie, nerve cells in charge of receiving and sending pain.

So far the medical world a lot of wear haloetana compounds, asetoan, or ether, as an effective anesthetic because it is easy to evaporate and dissolve well in fat. But the shortage of these compounds are lethal all nerve cells, so that after surgery patients usually experience temporary numbness. For example, the patient will feel the muscles pull the teeth in the mouth and numb temporarily paralyzed after being drugged.

Now, with this latest anetesi it will not happen. The compound capsaicin to block only the target nerve without closing the transmission of nerve signals responsible for in terms of muscle movement or sensory nerves. Tests conducted by experts on mice proved this and it is believed will give the same results in humans.

"Nerve pain-sensing nerves in humans and mice have similar, so the strategy is almost the same. In two or three years we are optimistic that this drug can be tried in humans," said Bruce Bean, a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School. as quoted by Reuters Health. The experts also added later this anesthesia will be very useful in the handling of dental surgery, knee, operations delivery, and much more.

New to the medical world in 1846 the drug was first introduced by the physician William Morton in the United States. He was with a demonstrative show pain-free tooth extraction in public, using a chemical substance nitrogen oxide. After that various compounds being developed to seek the most effective anesthesia.

Anesthesia for work, anesthetic compound in the blood will be brought to the nerves in our brains. As a result, nerve cells will stop receiving and sending signals. Because the nerves did not receive a signal, we do not feel sick. Similarly, because of stops sending signals, then the surgery patients would be "calm and submissive" when doctors start to work with the scalpel.