Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Army Expects Increased Cooperation With U.S.

U.S. Army soldiers (USARPAC) and Army soldiers shook hands after the opening of the joint exercise Garuda Shield 2011 in the Education Center Zeni Kodiklat Army, Bogor, West Java, on Friday (10 / 6). Training for 12 days followed by 631 Army and 141 people from USARPAC aims to improve the ability of cooperation (interoperability) between trainees and setting up a means of capacity development for the state sending UN troops. (Photo: ANTARA/Jafkhairi/pd/11)

June 10, 2011, Jakarta (AFP): Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Toisutta forward to working with the United States can be improved based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

"I expect, this practice further enhance military ties between the two countries, particularly the army on both sides based on mutual trust and respect," he said, at the opening exercises of the army and the U.S. Army, in Bogor on Friday.

In a written speech read by the Director-General George oisutta Training Command also said joint army exercises between the two countries in addition to strengthening professionalism of soldiers as well as to strengthen and reinforce relations between the two countries.

"This exercise aims to enhance interoperability among the trainees, preparing a means for the state power capable of sending UN troops, and to improve relations between the two countries," said Army Chief of Staff.

Bersandikan exercise "Garuda Shield 2011" specializes increased capacity and professionalism of the participants training on a variety of activities according to standard UN peacekeeping operations or the Standard Generic Training Module (SGTM).

"Indonesia is often involved in UN peace missions, so that cooperation with the U.S. could study the dynamics and methods of operation in the mission of world peace," said George.

He added that, in practice it will be integrated systems that apply to both sides to realize a single integrated system that serve as guidelines when carrying out the UN peace operations.

"Each local conflict has the characteristics of each are different from each other. Therefore, should the pattern of unequal treatment also between regions with each other," said Army Chief of Staff.

Related to that, in the exercise scenario is based on field conditions as closely as possible with the actual task so that operations performed successfully either, so George.

Joint exercise "Garuda Shield 2011" was conducted at the Center for Engineering Education, Bogor. Rehearsals will field some point in Bogor and its surrounding areas.

Additionally, joint exercises will also be filled with social activities for local communities, such as mass treatment, infrastructure construction and public infrastructure.