Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Air Force Chief: Area Violations Increase

F-16 Air Force. (Photo: Lanud-Iswahjudi)

June 11, 2011, Jakarta (ANTARA News): Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal TNI Imam Sufaat argues, region infringement activities both on land, sea or air to rise.

"Although based on intelligence analysis in the near future there will be no invasion of open, but the violation region is increasing both on land, sea or air," he said, while leading the ceremony handing over the position of TNI Commander Air Force Operational Command (Pangkoopsau) I in Jakarta , Saturday.

Imam said the breach was accompanied by the theft of natural resources both on land and at sea.

"Illegal logging, illegal fishing rife in our region. Because it. Various forms of violations of the region accompanied by illegal activities such as illegal fishing could be a potential conflict for the two country or several countries," he said.

Related to that, continued the priest, as one of the major command in charge of enforcing sovereignty in the air and supporting the country's sovereignty at sea and ashore, Koopsau I shall continue to carry out the role and the main task with the maximum.

Rafter admitted, to carry out the role and the main task is still constrained to limited maximal level of readiness of weapons systems as the main tool on a limited budget.

"However, that does not mean by that limitation, the ranks of Koopsau I can not perform its main task and role. It takes good management that can synergize potential human resources, equipment and other major weapons system," he said.

The priest asserted, required creativity, innovation realistic to perform basic tasks and roles Koopsau I maximally exposed to the existing limitations.

Koopsau I command headquartered in Jakarta air base sheltering 19 or Lanud, three detachments, and 40 post Air Force. Areas of responsibility stretches from Sabang to Central Kalimantan province and parts of Central Java.