Friday, June 10, 2011

Apparently. Highest Tower in Arabic That Work Results of Indonesian Children

One more work of the nation who are recognized by other countries, namely Arabic Pearl Tower building which will become the tallest building in Sharjah United Arab Emirates.

Arabian Pearl Tower Building berdisain artistic enough this was designed by an Indonesian citizen who is looking for a bite of rice, aka into the workforce in the state UAE petro dollars. Sharjah's tallest building consists of 56 floors located in the area of Al-Khan, will be devoted to commercial activities, such as hotels and office buildings and retail stores.

In a statement - Hanif, the name of the designer is the tallest building in Sharjah said that he remembered well when his mandate is to design the building, the first time he did was call his parents to ask for blessing for all who will he designed to goes well, because according to him in the process of modeling complex structures will sometimes make terrible headache and stress due to the design of buildings should be completed on schedule and not to mention the added presence of architectural changes are sometimes abrupt, with the blessing of both parents and do not forget to ask the prayer to God are all expected to go smoothly as he wanted.

He added that the building design of the building that uses a standard Arabic Pearl 1997 UBC seismic zone 2A. Analysis of dynamic-analysis has been done to avoid the worst effects that would occur given the Sharjah is very close to Iran's earthquake-prone.

This building is also designed to withstand wind pressure up to 160 km per hour speed. The calculation is not only done with the software but also use traditional manual method (hand calculation) for re-checking.

Hanif itself is a civil engineering alumnus S1 from ITS Surabaya, then resumed his lecture S2 at Ecole Centrale Paris, France. In addition to gape in perteknikan affairs, he is also quite capable of speaking Arabic and insight into Islamic.

Check out the Ad Building in Internet media:

The authenticity of the past and modern present and future expectations. The values ​​of interdependence, fraternity and cohesion. Presenting a modern tower with a scope of view like a genuine gem. That tower is, The Arabian Pearl Tower .. comprising offices and luxury hotels luxurious wings for sale, meet the which will from Prosperous life, and business successes.

And the following description and the Building Facilities:

The Tallest Tower Commercial & Hotel in Sharjah
Usage: Hotels Suites & Offices, Commercial Retail store.

Location: Al Khan Lake, Sharjah. Near Al Qasba canal.

Property Description & Facilities:

* 2 Basement parking
* Ground Floor (Commercial Retail Store)
* LEVEL 1-6 (6 Floors Offices / Parking)
* Level 7-16 (10 Floors of Hotel Suites)
* Level 17-50 (40 Floors of Offices)
* Helipad
* Health Club / Gym / Swimming Pool
* Squash Room / Snooker / Billiard Halls
* Recreational Amusement
* CCTV Security Camera
Handover: December 2010
Status: Under Construction