Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Hal Yang paling of Your Dunia

1. Yoga Instructor Women in the World's Oldest (83 Years)

Bette Calman 83-year-old, until now still teach art movements of yoga has many benefits for humans. Although his body is old but the flexibility and kelincahaanya probably beat a lot of young people from below. 40 years have taught him Yoga makes him very very experience.

2. Oldest Woman Who Can Still Birth (70 Years)

Rajo Devi Lohan came from India, after 40 years he waited to have a momongan finally at the age of 70 months of last year November 2008 she gave birth to a baby boy is eagerly waiting for a long time, if God wants what it can not happen

3. Siamese twins attached at the World's Oldest (57 Years)

Galyon Mzureen never occurred when the child will be born twins attached in 1951, on his way paramedics had tried quite likely the two were separated when possible, but due to a very high risk then do not do such a move. Today Ronnie and Donnie are attached at the stomach was 57 years old, they are steadfast and patient live their lives in Dayton Ohio, United States.

4. Daddy Can Still Provide Oldest The Descendants (90 years)

Jogi Ram Ranu native Indian man who is still formidable at age 90 years had never had children as many as 21 people and was the last time he had the fourth-born wife when she was aged 90 years, and wishes he still will fertilize his wife if possible until age 100 years. Total son of 12 children and 9 children laki0laki women and 20 grandchildren.

5.Kucing World's Oldest (29 Years)

Although now she is gone but never recorded this record in Guinness Book in 1999 when he was 29 years, this cat's name Spike finally had breathed his last on July 31, 2001. The owner Mo Elkington an aromatherapist from Dorset UK buy Spike 1970, a few secrets of longevity of this cat is in addition to diet and also eat aloe vera to avoid rheumatism

6. Oldest model and the World's Oldest (80 Years)

Grandma is now 80 years old was named Daphne Selfe've been in the world of fashion and the catwalk for 60 years, his career was so brilliant in the world model. Although age was dusk the grandmother never felt inferior and ashamed to continue to appear in public walk on the catwalk, the grandmother usually appear to memperagaan fashion design from Dolce & Gabbana, Tata Naka and Michiko Koshino

7.Seruling (Flute) World's oldest (35,000 years)

According to an archaeologist said that the culture has developed since the beginning in Europe, mankind was already familiar with modern civilization. A team from the University of Tuebingen discover these flutes and 12 pieces of griffin from a cave in Southern Germany and according to archaeologists it has reached the age of 35,000 years