Friday, June 10, 2011

Separated For 30 Years, Children Find Father via Google

Return the power of the internet to bring people to figure they loved so much. Dr. Scott Becker, a man who lives in Atlanta, United States, the reunion with the daughter who had separated 30 years thanks to the help of the virtual world.

All thanks to the help of Google and a simple web page, without pictures or other decorations. Website that contains only messages from Becker's longing for his daughter, April, with one phrase that is labeled "Scott Becker Looking For April".

"Dear April, I was your father and I really want to talk to," said the text contained in web pages. This site has been created Becker since 10 years ago in the hope that one day, April would be helpful if you want to find him via the internet.

Reported by Aol and quoted on Monday 99/11/2009), the last time Becker met with April was when she was a baby. They were inseparable after Becker's wife, for some reason, took April away shortly after the April birth.

Perhaps already lining around destiny, April search on Google right with the words "Scott Becker Looking For April". Apparently he had many times looking for his father's name on the internet but always failed until he finally tried to use that phrase and it worked.

Finally, after establishing contact via e-mail, they met again in the real world after three decades apart. April also was touched to see her father again. "Before I feel incomplete, but now I feel peaceful," he said.