Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ration Fertilizer Eight North Sumatra Region Threatened Redirected

Medan, 11 / 6 (Xinhua) - Ration fertilizer eight districts in North Sumatra threatened diverted because local governments were not yet issued regulations regent / mayor about the allocation of subsidized fertilizer in 2011 despite having several times got warned.

"Standardized (Department of Agriculture) has warned eight regions of North Sumatra was to soon issue a regulation since late July, North Sumatra provincial government will evaluate the absorption of subsidized fertilizer and fertilizer will reallocate from low absorption region to the high absorption region," said Head of the Processing of Land, Water and Facility, Department of Agriculture of North Sumatra, Adam B. Nasution in Medan, kemarint.

Eight district that has not issued regulations that the allocation of fertilizer is High Cliff, Nias, North Nias, Nias West, Samosir, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan and Padang Sidempuan.

Regent / mayor eight districts that had to be reminded again after the last letter posted Sumut M.Roem.S Dept. of Agriculture, on May 5 to 14 regions.

According to him, regent / mayor who was not issued a regulation on the allocation of fertilizer to each district in the area cause worry producers distribute fertilizer to the area because they do not have the "umbrella" law.

Conditions that inhibit the overall distribution of fertilizer in North Sumatra which is not only detrimental to farmers in the area, but also North Sumatra because there is a possibility the central government to reduce the allocation of fertilizer to North Sumatra in 2012 by reason of the absorption of fertilizers during 2011 according to which allocation is not channeled.

Of the 33 cities / regencies in North Sumatra, only 32 areas that received fertilizer alokais bersubsdii because the Government Sibolga states do not require fertilizer was given berbasis area fisheries.

"To not further harm farmers in eight regions, the standardized North Sumatra had asked the producers to channel the manure fertilizer with standardized guarantees," he said.

Although there is no guarantee, the company remains worried distribute fertilizer in large quantities. This can be understood because the producers were also asked the central government's responsibility in the matter of distribution of fertilizer, including supervised North Sumatera Regional Fertilizer Control Team consisting of various agencies including the police.

Policy of "forcing" the eight regents and mayors to soon issue regulations on the allocation of fertilizers was conducted standardized Sumut remember the first planting area which started in April will end until September, while the second planting season begins again in October 2011 to March 2012.

Last year, the distribution of subsidized fertilizer in North Sumatra is still not 100 percent, or 78.25 percent, while in 2011 until April also is still not maximized.

Distribution of urea for example through April is still 61.8 percent or 41,611 tons from 67,335 tons should.

Percentage absorption was lowest for the organic fertilizer which is 19.37 percent or 3975 to April TNO of allocation should be 20 520 tonnes.

Only the SP 36 that good absorption even reached 100.69 percent, in which the allocation should be 11 131 tonnes from 11,055 tonnes.

Supervisor PT Petrokimia Gresik in Medan Ki Day admits, until April the absorption of fertilizer in North Sumatra is still low.

But from May to June of this indicate an increasing trend among a few others because of North Sumatra provincial government policy that ensures distribution to areas that have not issued regulations allocation per district.

"Hopefully, absorption continues to increase because this year the total allocation for the North Sumatra also rise or each of 58,000 tons for ZA, SP 36, some 38 000 tonnes. Phonska 149,500 tons and 70,000 tons of organic fertilizer, "said Day.

Distribution of fertilizer subsidy in North Sumatra which is still minimal it is recognized as the impact of delays in some areas of data submitted Definitive Plan Working Group (RDKK) as the basis for the distribution of fertilizer subsidy recipients are even some areas that are not issued until June.

Should the rules issued each year rapidly as the distribution of fertilizer to the farmers the right and on time as required to make production and product quality increased.

Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture regarding the allocation of fertilizer to the province issued February, followed by North Sumatra Governor Regulation of March and should be followed immediately by the mayor / regent, but in fact to June there are still areas that do not publish it .