Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Personal Satellite Tubesat

Humans can already get married in outer space, even now there are plans to make Spaceport, to and fro airport facilities into space. Now, there are again more exciting surprises.
After the launch of Sputnik 52 years, you have legitimate dreams of personal satellite. Interorbital System offers you the opportunity - at the end of 2010 -, to send the Personal Satellite TubeSat with introductory price is pretty cheap, U.S. $ 8,000 or about 80 millions.

The price is already including batteries, solar panels, transmitters, antennas and other devices to help you run the experiment itself in space. The company even suggested that the types of experiments, from experimental biology, photographing the earth from outer space, examine the migration of animals, to send an email in the form of ad type on-orbit.

[Aircraft Rocket Neptune 30, the carrier TubeSat] Only 80 millions you already have a satellite, of course reasonably priced. If you pocket the excess content, you can order a satellite TubeSats, measuring twice, three, or four times for extra advertising space, you may require. Interesting is not it?

Because TubeSat cute enough for the size of satellites, aircraft Neptune 30, who is scheduled to deliver a personal satellite from Tonga, South Pacific Ocean islands, capable of carrying up to 32 TubeSat. Each satellite has a different orbit glide time, so do not worry, you are guaranteed not the satellite will collide with someone else.
Hmm, what might be used to spy on someone's house in close proximity? Couple?