Friday, June 17, 2011

Perseid Meteor Photos From Across The World

As quoted by Science Daily, Tuesday (08/11/2009) then, hundreds of meteors will penetrate the earth on August 12 night, or rather last night. In Indonesia this meteor visible in the morning at 3 - 4:00 pm. Meteor Perseid meteor was named. The name was taken because the meteors fell from the constellation Perseus. But the meteors is also claimed to be from comet Swift-Turtle flakes formed when crossing the inner orbit of the Sun. Indonesia is among the lucky ones because it can witness this natural phenomenon. But unfortunately, these meteors are only visible white spots are not too clear. Here are some photos of 'sightings' Perseid meteor across the world.

Perseid meteors seen in the United Kingdom (UK), it seems only a glimpse of the white line. Photo: / Brown

Perseid in Germany, looks like a drizzle of white stripes. Photo: / victorvonsalza

Perseid in Kansas, seen only a glimpse of the white line. Photo: / SmugMug

Perseids in America, clearly visible with white stripes falling. Photo: / Smughwright