Friday, June 17, 2011

Original Start Densus 88 and its weapons

Siege Happens When Terrorists Gembong "Nurdin M Top" And my friend - a friend yesterday and bekasi ditemanggung, may ask, who was Densus88?

Brief of Detachment 88 (Special Detachment 88) Anti-Terror Police Headquarters
Based on the Decree No. Police. Pol. : Skep/756/X/2005, on the Ratification of Logo Use Anti-Terror Detachment 88, dated October 18, 2005, then the following is LOGO ANTI-TERROR Detachment 88.

The logo can be described as follows:
Form a circle with a line design in black with the words "Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror" with maroon background and in the middle of the circle shows the image of the owl black and gray with bright yellow background.

Owl refers to the species of bird "nocturnal" (active at night) and have a different face shapes with ordinary birds. Flat face of an owl shaped like a human face with both eyes facing forward. Owls also have a sharp beak bent down, and having a gentle crest feathers.
Owls are efficient predators because dilengkapii equipped as a predator. Her eyes are located on the front gives the impression of the bird view "fused" is superb. Where an owl has the ability to binocular vision (seeing an object with both eyes simultaneously), so the owls can see objects in three dimensions with the vision of 110 degrees, 70 degrees of which can be seen in binoculars. But he could rotate his head 270 degrees so it can look back with ease.

Because they often hunt at night, owls equipped with good hearing system Sagat. The ears are located near the eye and surrounded by the face width. The face of this wide functions such as radar picking up sound waves that transmit sound through the muscles of the face to the ear. Of his eyesight and hearing at night is very sharp, able to hear the squeal of a mouse at a distance of 500 m. Sharp claws come out when you strike length thus increasing the success of the attack.

Owls also have a pair of wings is quite special because it can reduce air movement that makes no noise when flying and catching prey by surprise. That also allows him to hear clearly the movement of prey while flying.
Overall it makes Owls have a very high hunting ability, agile, nimble and also pursue their prey in addition to grabbing the ground. Research on a specific type, kotoranya shows 99% and 1% rat prey insect prey. Rats consume more of 2-3 birds per day, but more killing power than it consumes.

Owls with skills sharp eyesight, hearing strong because of "radar" that existed on the face, the ability to move silently in the night, and a high cruising speed will hunt mice (which everywhere is always disruptive and destructive) hiding anywhere quickly and accurately . Mice can be interpreted as a terrorist who always disturb mankind. The ability of an owl can represent the use of science and technology and can move with very secret used as the logo of the Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror to hunt down terrorists wherever located.

Meaning number 88 on the writings of the Special Detachment 88 is reminiscent of two handcuffs. Figures 88 is a representation of victims of the Bali bombing in 2002 of foreign nationals who suffered the most casualties of Australia. The meaning of "88" is next, the number "88" is not interrupted and continues to connect. This means that the work of Detachment 88 Antiterror this continues and does not know quit. The number "88" also resembles the handcuffs that the police mean seriously handle this case.

Although already happened hundreds of bombings in Indonesia since 1999, the government of the Republic of Indonesia have not been aware of terrorist activity in Indonesia. Bombings in Bali on October 12, 2002 has opened the eyes of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the world at large in Indonesia is true that there has been a very serious terrorist activities.

Legislation eradication terorismepun formed immediately, and even applied retroactively to the eradication of terrorism. To be able to cope with terrorism in Indonesia, soon made ​​the manuscript of international cooperation in the fields of police, engineering and intelligence with countries in the world.

To be able to quickly uncover the case of the Bali bombings, Indonesian Police Chief who formed a task force members, its members selected from the cops from all over Indonesia. The principal tasks of the newly formed task force is to be able to immediately reveal the bombing, arresting perpetrators and dismantle the terrorist network behind it. The workings of the task force to make it more effective, then given the freedom to cut all forms of bureaucratic obstacles in the Police.

Weapons Detachment 88

Police special forces unit is equipped with new weaponry and combat vehicles made ​​in America, like the Colt M4 assault rifle, sniper rifle ArmaLite AR-10, and the Remington 870 shotgun. Dikedepan this unit will have a C-130 Hercules aircraft itself to increase its mobility.

Colt M4 assault rifle

Sniper rifle ArmaLite AR-10

Remington 870 shotgun

C-130 Hercules aircraft