Sunday, June 12, 2011

Constrained North Sumatra Tourism Infrastructure

Medan, 11 / 6 (Xinhua) - The ambition to bring more foreign tourists to the North Sumatra constrained by the existence of infrastructure such as access to the location of a tourist attraction that is still not adequate.

Head of Culture and Tourism of North Sumatra, Naruddin Dali, in Medan, yesterday, said the increase in tourism in the area is not only the responsibility of government in this case the tourism department.

But also a responsibility of all parties, including travel agencies, other government agencies and the community itself. If each side has been together, the efforts to stimulate the world of tourism will be achieved as expected.

For example, sebagaimanapun strong promotional efforts undertaken by the Office of Priwisata and travel agencies, but if the infrastructure and facilities to the location of tourist object is not supported, then the tourists will not welcome to stay for long.

"For example, roads leading to tourist attractions of Lake Toba, Simalungun District which takes about four hours travel time from Medan travel darat.Waktu journey through the course was very long, not to mention the highway is still not enough improvement baik.Artinya tourism should also be supported by adequate infrastructure, "said Naruddin.

Earlier, Chairman of Bali Tourism Board, Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, some time ago while attending an exhibition of Sumatra International Travel Fair (SITF), in Medan, say, North Sumatera Bali has great potential to be second with a wealth of existing tourism area.

For that, he said, all stakeholders to sharpen, clarify, and unify goals together in accelerating the progress of tourism in the area.

Because, according to him, tourism should be encouraged to progress together, start community tourism, tourism practitioners, all stakeholders (stakeholders) tourism, which in turn can convince the central government with what is to be achieved towards the advancement of tourism.

"It was only after that to the provincial, district / city to provide various facilities to the tourism sector of North Sumatra tersebut.Jadi very likely to become the second Bali from all parties in this area support each other," said Ida Bagus.

With the potential of culture (culture), ethnic diversity, tourist attractions scattered in North Sumatra, North Sumatra he was confident the tourism sector from year to year if it managed to seriously it will be getting better.

"Speaking of tourism, it is not apart from" community base "regarding the social impact of moving from the tourism industry. Creative addition to a variety of strategies to sell tourism products must be able to determine the North tersebut.Sumatera tourism icon for more can be known more widely to national and international community, "he said .