Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beware Users Magnet Bracelet

Magnets for health benefits have very long been known. More than 2,000 years ago, ancient Chinese and Indians have proved that the use of stone to produce magnets can overcome various disturbances such as stress, epilepsy, insomnia, and kidney and liver problems.

The human body requires a magnet. This is reinforced by a note of the conditions of the astronauts who first landed on the moon when they return to earth. When the three astronauts should be quarantined because of difficulty walking and impaired metabolism. In fact, they are equipped with oxygen, water, and adequate nutrition when it went into space.

From the results of research, the body of the astronauts were not affected by the earth's magnetic when in outer space. Since then, researchers began to observe the influence of magnetism on the human body.

In recent years the use of magnetic bracelets and necklaces are trendy. Magnetic accessories that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars are selling well because it is believed beneficial to health.

Consider just a story Ido (25). At first the man who works as a writer is not believed in the story of his friend who said this bracelet can increase stamina. After trying, she began to believe. He said, "Stamina become stronger and more balanced body." Especially after receiving information on the Internet that this bracelet worn many famous people, one of which pebasket Shaquille O'Neal.

Increased blood flow
Described by Dr. Erwin Kusuma, Sp.KJ (K), a therapist holistic way of Clinic Pro-V, the influence of magnets include blood circulation. "The magnetic field can affect blood circulation. The flow of blood in the body will increase. When blood flow increases, automatic oxygen DPN other nutrients will be distributed more rapidly throughout the body," said the man who was also concerned about healing with magnets and energy.

Thus, the body will have a supply of oxygen and nutrients are more likely to keep the internal organs. The magnetic field will be easier to absorb into the body if placed directly on the main arteries, such as heart arteries located on the wrist or the carotid arteries located in the neck. Thus, many diseases caused by the lack of smoothness of blood flow can be overcome.

This diamini Tom Suhalim, Dipl. Phyt, ND, naturopathic experts from the Clinic Pro-V. Tom says, a variety of complaints related to blood circulation can be overcome with this magnetic bracelet or necklace.

When tested with an aura photograph, magnetic bracelets and necklaces are showing positive results. "Aura of people who wore these objects become larger. Aura is enlarged to make a person healthier and more resistant to disease attack," said Tom.

That should keep in mind, the influence of magnetic fields is not the same in every person. "All depends on the condition of the wearer. Thus, the results should not be generalized," he added.

Even so, Dr. Erwin and Tom Suhalim reminded the public to beware. "Not everyone is suited to wear a magnetic bracelet or necklace this. Should people who want to use it checked first," said Dr. Erwin.

Do not use continues
In addition, the duration of wearing magnetic bracelets and necklaces should also be considered. Many people mistakenly wearing it constantly. "The magnetic field makes a fast metabolism. In fact, the body also needs rest. If used without a break, can actually damage the organ in the body," said Tom.

Not only that, the authenticity of these bracelets and necklaces should also be guaranteed. Because often there are bracelets and necklaces are bought and sold but does not contain a magnet unit that is ideal for "correct" the condition of the body.

To overcome that, there are ways to measure the magnetic force by using Gaussmeter. According to Drs. Erwin, content of magnetic bracelets and necklaces are good between 1,000 to 3,000 Gauss. Because not everyone has Gaussmeter, easy way to test this is by attaching a spoon.

"If the spoon still stuck sticky and did not fall, mean magnetic bracelet or necklace that meet standards. Beware, too, do not let more than 3,000 Gauss because it can damage the body if used continuously," he said.