Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Benefits of Salt What You Need To Know

According to the Salt Institute, salt has more than 14,000 known uses, and all Americans throughout their lives each consume more than 16 tons of salt.

Here's a little use of salt:

Salt as polishes
By mixing the salt and vinegar into a thick batter, then it may be used to rub and create a sheen of silver and copper objects. Use a soft cloth and rub to use, then rinse thoroughly with water, then dry.

This is something I had learned while working at the supermarket when I was young. For spills of oil and eggs, cover the affected area with salt stains, it will become easier to remove the stain.

Salt as a cleaner pipeline
Salt and hot water in amounts comparable to what we pour into the pipeline will be able to help eliminate odor and can help dissolve the oil, also helps extend the life of the pipe. But this probably should not be used in dirty waste water disposal system, which might kill the good bacteria that play a very important to destroy solid.

Freeing the window glass and automobile glass of dew
Clean the inside of the glass window in the house and your car with a sponge soaked in salt water solution, then dry. This will help prevent condensation during cold weather. In addition, by rubbing a small cloth that has been moistened with salt on the glass front of your car, it also can prevent condensation. In snowy climates, this can prevent the formation of ice on the glass.

Scrubbing pots and pans
Pour coarse salt over greasy cooking equipment before brushing to help remove fats are attached.

Remove the stain of tea and coffee stains
To get rid of tea and coffee stains on cups and carafes of wine (a type of vessel for wine), sprinkle salt onto a sponge and wipe with a swirling motion at the time of rubbing the stain attached.

Sterilize sponges
Cleaning sponges are usually used for kitchen is a perfect breeding ground for various kinds of bacteria are not good. By immersing the sponge in a solution of high salt content, can help eradicate these bacteria.

Conqueror insects
Pour salt on the places where the ants are often clustered, by direction of the line to prevent the passing ants.

The most friendly way to eradicate weeds
The mixture of salt and hot water in the ratio 1: 3 can be poured directly onto the weeds to eradicate them.

Dessert and mouthwash
Dissolve about a quarter teaspoon of salt in half a tablespoon of warm water. Flatten it around your mouth and gargle-gargle. I also have felt the benefits, this is really helpful when dealing with a toothache.

Cutting board smells
A cutting board with a bad odor indicates the bacteria, and this is not just a matter of odors on cutting boards, but also a health problem.
Bacteria can be removed with salt, so it rubbed salt on your cutting board area that smelled unpleasant, leave for a while and then rinse, a cutting board you'll be smelling fresh and be free of bacteria!

Fire brigade
Keep a box of salt as close as possible as the fire extinguisher at the time of emergency to put out fires due to oil. But he could not replace the real fire extinguisher, only to be a good backup.

Cleaner Ironing
Many times, iron iron lifting little by little dirt that caused them to cling to when you rub your clothes. To eliminate all kinds of dirt, sprinkle salt onto a sheet of paper and then ironed on it. Use a bit of steam to clean the jets of water after you do this and also clean the iron base with a damp cloth when it was not hot.
(Michael Bloch / The Epoch Times / mer)

there's more:

At Bath:
1) Mix 1 / 2 teaspoon salt blades into a glass of mineral water. Use to wash the eye fatigue.

2) Mix salt with baking soda in the same lot number. He is useful as a dessert (rinse) for breath freshness.

3) Mix one teaspoon salt with hot water to soak cotton. Use cotton to menjaram portion of the eye that was swollen / puffy.

4) Soak tired feet with a mixture of lukewarm water hot with a handful of salt. Rinse with cool water. The feet will feel fresh beginning.

5) There are wet after a shower, sort of the body, legs and hands with salt. As a result the cells will be expelled and centrifugal dead skin cells will increase

6) Mix salt to taste with olive oil. By way of gentle and slow with a pull towards the top, sort mixture to the face and neck. Allow 50-10 minutes away and then wash. Facial This compact will refresh the body.