Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Worst Aircraft Ever Built

105 years after the Wright brothers on air, the dreamers, engineers and practitioners flight has designed a variety of aircraft and a variety of research to make the plane sped away, flying higher and higher.
There are some innovative, some are good and some have made ​​history, but there was also a great only on paper only.
This is the worst 10 aircraft ever made

1. Tupolev TU-144
Spoiler for Tupolev:

The plane, similar to the Concorde supersonic aircraft this is the first Russian made ​​that reached speeds March 2 (2 times the speed of sound), the aircraft which was nicknamed "Concordski" It was so quick but bad luck struck repeatedly distinguished, 3 plane crash when one of them fell in action at the Paris Air Show 1973 which witnessed a thousand pairs of eyes.

A dramatic accident that distinguished this plane as the plane finally just made ​​an introduction letter by the Russian government, in 1985 the aircraft was stopped on the air.

2. BOAC de Havilland Comet
Spoiler for COMET:

COMET is the UK's first commercial jet aircraft at once is the pride of the English when it first aired in 1949, but now only remembered as the aircraft is not safe to fly, out of 114 that produced 13 of them falling because of defective production because one of metal materials from the plane easily damaged.
3. H-4 Hercules
Spoiler for Hercules:

The "Spruce Goose" so this plane is the plane dubbed the smartest and most large but also the most mubadzir aircraft has ever had the American government.

With a wing span of 319 Feet in length or about 97 meters of the aircraft is planned to be used for World War II, but after World War II ended this aircraft has not been completed, the finished manufactured aircraft had flown only one time only.

4. LWS-4 Zubr
Spoiler for ZUBR:

Zubr is a bad plane while not useful, other than discomfort when flying can also be destroyed without warning when it receives a high air pressure, not only that this plane could not fly when loaded with only a few cartons of cigarettes only.

The aircraft had flown a few times when World War II but was never involved in combat.

5. Christmas Bullet
Spoiler for Christmas Bullet:

Good name, bad plane, Dr. William Christmas forgetting 1 thing when designing this aircraft, he did not know if this model airplane wing consequently need support when the first flight in 1918 the wing was shattered and fell.

This is what should be a model aircraft that need support and which do not:
Spoiler for Wing Struts:

6. Beechcraft Starship
Spoiler for Beechcraft Starship:

With carbon-composite construction, unique design and turbo machinery behind, Starship is a new breakthrough, but this plane is too slow, difficult to be flown and difficult to maintain.

The aircraft was aired in 1989 but only sold a few units of 53 pieces made.

7. Hiller VZ-1
Spoiler for Hiller VZ-1:

Hiller VZ-1 looks good on paper but looks ugly in the air. The idea is simple, a fan spinning round and it produced a boost upwards, while the pilot controls the aircraft while standing.

U.S. Defense Department fell in love with this plane model but when it was flown above the speed of 16 miles per hour the aircraft is difficult to control here and there moving this project finally halted in the 1950s.

8. A-12 Avenger II
Spoiler for Avenger II:

The plane of his project of this American Defense Department is so big costly and wasteful, is also the most embarrassing project of the 1980s due to radar systems that use composite materials are often not working.

Research to improve this deficiency only makes the cost of making this plane soared to $ 165 million / unit (about RP. 1.5 trillion) this project eventually halted by the U.S. defense secretary in 1991.

9. Royal Aircraft BE2
Spoiler for Royal Aircraft BE2:

With a machine such as anemia, poor maneuverability and gun positions that prevent the pilot. German troops to easily shoot down these planes in combat world war I.
10. Boeing XB 15
Boeing XB Spoiler for 15:

XB 15 is the largest aircraft ever built America in addition to H-4 Hercules, the giant size of these bombers is even a bedroom for the crew in the wings. When tested in 1937 this aircraft was not capable of flying long and only capable of driving in a speed of 200 miles per hour, the U.S. air force to stop this project, then the plane was modified and only used as cargo planes with Boeing XB name.