Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Tempat di Dunia Terseram

10: Plain of Magh Sleacht, County Cavan, Ireland

Kala past era, this Sleacht magh Plain of it is local orang2 place there, the worship of a god, named Crom Cruach ...
Orang2 there at the expense of one of his three children to be given to the DEWA ... for the exchange with Milk, Meat, and other basic needs ... God Crom local warga2 Cruach very scary because there was a cruel demand, namely fresh human blood ... Warga2 there too afraid to worship the gods, because its own Penyembah2 ny too often found dead with a pathetic
Now, local Orang2 often smell no scent of his Flesh and Blood in the nearby plains, and often also see a shadow figure who circled the place at Sunset

9: Catacombs, Paris, France

Each year, the population of Paris grew rapidly, so, it takes place / land to settle orang2 ... one that is a horrible way to negate graveyard, well what about the mayat2 it? Mayat2 in the stack somewhere in the basement called the Catacombs ... until now. Tengkorak2 the stay, even today, under the glittering city of Paris, called by the name jg Empire Of The Dead. Each year, thousands of tourists visit this place, and not a few of those who find kejadian2 strange, their tour group seemed to be followed by something from behind while they visit this Catacombs. Many events, that there is orang2 who went there without Pebimbing tour, and they lost there forever, and also there are people who went there just to main2 and joking, as a result they lost in forever

8: Palmyra Island, Pacific Ocean

The island is located southeast of the island of Hawaii and the island of Samoa, the island is known as the island that has an aura of "death" and "darkness" ...
Hiu2 on this island have been eating 2-5 casualties each month .. and many were found Marinir2 U.S. in World War II, died on the island because there ikan2 poisoning eating contaminated toxins from algae that spread in the ocean island ... Settled on the island seemed to settle in Hell, said a former Marine who came home safely from the island

7: Concentration Camp Manchuria Unit 731, Harbin, China

Orang2 place China in a mass suicide at war with Manchuria by the Japanese ... China noted that 3000 people were killed directly in a single day, and 250 thousand others held captive to death in the Concentration Camp
Known as the "Nazi Concentration Camp in Asia"

6: Castle Dracula, Transylvania, Romania

This place was known as Vlad Dracula's headquarters where the Emperor when he fought against the Turks ... When he successfully besieged ama Turkish troops, he tried to escape, carrying her child, but, his son fell on the way and left to die, and his wife's suicide at the Palace ... and also the place famous in the Vlad Dracula, where he was stoned and tortured orang2 Turkey, known for his sadistic mass is he mengimpale orang2 Turkey ... therefore he is known by the name of Vlad the Impaler, this place jg be an inspiration for Irish novelist, Bram Stoker to write his novel titled Dracula.

5: The Colliseum, Rome, Italy

kira2 da on my tau knp this horrible place, this place used for entertainment para2 ampe Gladiator fight one dies ... Gladiator felem'll watch dah tau

4: Tombs Greyfiar Firk, Edinburgh, Scotland

Assessed as Terangker Tombs in the World, local orang2 there often times get very cold air, and bau2 foul when passing the cemetery area, at night, terdengan also teriakan2 from inside the cemetery. The sound of Broken Glassware jg often found there.
Rumah2 di deket was often haunted by the cemetery, which is famous dungeon contained therein, is the grave of George McKenzie, an official convicted of slander, the official habis2an tortured there, and he vowed revenge some day, well spirits ny he was notorious for ngider2 rmh2 area. Each year, tourists who come there just may come with Pebimbing Tour ... jg there and not allowed to take photos ...

3: The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California, America

This house was built by the widow Sarah Winchester, who is the wife of her husband who is the boss of the company munition ... nah, she is never happy life, his anak2 even die while they are small because of illness, and when Sarah wanted to consult a psychic, paranormal, said, "Winchester family had been cursed, because of Munitions which become her husband's business has killed so many people on current world war. And you have to build a house for you live and jg Roh2 people who died because of these munitions. " "You have to build a continuous jg this house, if you continue to build, you will live, if not, you will die"

Sarah also keep saying they will paranomal and build this house constantly, all kinds of doors, windows, installed continuously and noted that this house had hundreds of doors, hundreds of windows ... at one point, he stopped building, a day later, rmh earthquake occurred to her, and this as a sign that roh2 is not happy when she stopped building rmh that, finally, Sarah continues to add on door after door, window after window ... until the end. Now is, this rmh Tourists targeted ... This house is known as rmh jigsaw puzzle ... until now, no amount was unclear how many doors in this rmh

2: Whitechapel, East London, UK

Judged one of the highest level of Crime ny Worldwide ...
from the Early 19th Century, recorded thousands of cases of murder, rape and mutilation of victims that occurred in the area of Whitechapel, to fame, is a serial murder by Jack the Ripper, korban2nya mostly murdered in the Whitechapel area ... Bars in the area there that was once a place of Jack the Ripper hangout, known shaded hantu2 korban2 curious and mutilation were killed in the area

1: Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Poland.

knp? This places a German concentration camp use for killing thousands of Jews with gas .. How many hundreds of millions of people murdered here