Monday, May 30, 2011

Regional Culture Central Java

Regional Culture Central Java - Central Java Province is located in the central Java capital of Semarang. Kalu see geographical region, which includes the area of ​​Culture in this province of Central Java and Yogyakarta. There is an assumption that Central Java as the heart of Javanese culture. And this becomes kekayaan Indonesian culture that needs to be preserved and developed.

The majority population in the province of Central Java is of Javanese. Central Java province has long been known as a center of Javanese culture, you must have known that the city of Surakarta and Yogyakarta was once a royal palace in central Java, and even today are still standing.

For the district, Central Java, there are less than 29 local districts and, of course, each region also has an interesting art and culture even though all derive from Javanese culture.

One of the most fascinating and become part of the culture of Central Java is batik. In Central Java province almost every region has a style Batik different write different characteristics of each region. Is the famous batik Batik Pekalongan and Solo . While in the field of art there are shadow puppets he already recognized by the world as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. While in the field of art music is song song Javanese musical instrument accompanied by gamelan music instruments.

Actually there are very many local cultures of Central Java have not yet been written here. From start to dance, ceremonies, music to attract an annual event to support the Central Java Tourism .. Wait for the next article yo ...