Monday, May 30, 2011

F PDIP Supports SMM People Problem Page

Medan, 30 / 5 (Xinhua) - PDI-P faction at the North Sumatra provincial parliament expressed support for the struggle of Mandailing Natal district residents about the presence of PT Sorik Diamond Mining (SMM).

"It is not intended to provoke, but people do not Mandailing Natal retreat from the struggle," said Treasurer FPDIP Brilliant Moktar told reporters in Medan, on Monday.

This he said, following a clash between corporate employees with residents who held a rally at Camp II Sihayo PT SMM which is about 7km from the village of Godang Young, District Siabu, Mandailing Natal regency, on Sunday (29 / 5).

In these bentrok a citizen was wounded in the left arm due to rubber bullet which was originally aimed at security forces who escorted the employees of the company to dispel and disperse the mass.

According to Brilliant Moktar, residents sue only the company promises that never met and all were very realistic. "Naturally, if the citizens demanding the company promises. Therefore we fully support the struggle of citizens, "he said.

As a party that is pro people and pro "grassroots", "Democratic Party of Struggle faction asked the local government is not doing the omission of the case.

"As I PDIP cadres wounded and hurt by what happened in the gold mines of PT Sorik Diamond Mining. This incident should not be allowed and the local government must take a firm stance, "he said.

Brilliant Moktar hope PT SMM does not become only the second PT Freeport Indonesia's natural wealth dredge and ignore the surrounding communities. "The existence of these companies even have to get serious attention from the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono," he said.

According to a member of Commission B DPRD North Sumatra, the gold mine in Mandailing Natal it should be controlled and managed by local government and fully utilized for the welfare and prosperity of the region and its people.

While police officers are required to better defend the interests of society, rather than the interests of foreign investors. "It is our pity if the police are even more to protect foreign interests in PT Sorik Mas," he said.

Brilliant Moktar also asked the State Attorney Mandailing Natal and North Sumatra Provincial Prosecutor's Office to conduct investigations of PT SMM, let alone gold mining that was mentioned was in the forest. "Not to mention the matter of hazardous waste pollution arising from activities of the company," he said.

He reminded the central and local governments that Indonesia's natural wealth has very many foreign investors rushed out of the country. "This is the era of reform and is no longer the New Order. It is time the state better protect the natural wealth of this country, "he said.