Monday, May 30, 2011

CPC Sumut Prepare "Food Barn"

Medan, 30 / 5 (Xinhua) - The government of North Sumatra Province to prepare the program "Food Barn" to ensure food security-related weather anomalies that occurred in the area.

Head of Food Security (BKP) of North Sumatra in Medan Setyo Purwadi, on Monday, said it was aware if the anomalous weather is happening in the province.

He cited the threat of a longer dry season, giving rise to the possibility of reduced water for agricultural production.

"Looking ahead, the less rain so the need is anticipated," he said.

According Setyo, anticipation is conducted through the Food Barn program by calling the community to save the results of the current agricultural production.

This was done for the food needs of the community still exist if the agricultural product obtained was not optimal due to weather anomalies that occur.

Later, it also has to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture to encourage the community to change the cropping pattern.

The change in question is to maximize agricultural production when rainfall is still high enough to irrigate the gardens and rice fields of society.

In addition, also coordinated with the agriculture department to prepare a variety of agricultural needs, both fertilizer and seed that expected by society.

"If technically, the agricultural department is more aware," he said.

In general, said Setyo, food availability in North Sumatra is still insufficient in three or four years into the future, including the need for Lebaran.

Based on the forecast number (of Syria), food availability is expected to grow from agricultural products which are underway.

However, based on the central government's appeal, it continues to strive for agricultural production that is being cultivated society not to deviate from the Syrians.