Monday, May 30, 2011

His head was shot 40 times, tied and this Dog Buried Alive

Subhanallah .. Still Alive Dog Shot by head 40 times, tied and buried alive
This is probably the worst case experienced by animals. A dog was shot 40 times in the head, tied up, and then buried alive by leaving only his nose in the sand surface. But, Subhanallah .. dog was still alive.

Dog crosses (mongrel crossbreed), named 'Star' by the rescuer was found near the city of Birzebbuga, Malta. The dog was found by officers at that time actually is investigating other cases.

While investigating, the officer heard a dog whimper from under the wooden boards large tree crushed a hunk of wood. When checking the direction of groaning sound, the officer was very surprised to see a dog buried with only the nose is left on the surface of the sand.

When digging sand to lift the poor dog, another shock occurred. The four legs 'Star' tied up so he could not move at all.

Petrification not stop until there. 'Star' was shot as many as 40 times. Miraculously, the doctors succeeded in taking 40 bullets lodged in his head 'Star' through a tense operation Hospital Ta 'Qali.

'Stars' had survived. However, this animal abuse incident has triggered public anger fire. They demanded punishment to the perpetrators of animal abuse should be intensified to one year imprisonment and fined 46,500 euros.

Animal lovers group plans to hold next week's action as a form of silent protest over the actions 'disgusting' to 'Star'. Others provide support via facebook where now more than 7000 followers.

As many as 1,000 people have signed a petition over the virtual world to help catch the perpetrators of torture 'Star'. They also agreed to contribute to pay the operating costs of 'Star'. A jewelry valued at 250 euros has been set up as a reward for anyone who managed to catch the perpetrators of torture 'Star'.