Monday, May 30, 2011

North Sumatra provincial government requested Serious Fix Assets

Medan, 30 / 5 (Xinhua) - Representatives of the Regional Council of North Sumatra Province, the provincial government's request seriously manage local assets for no longer changes hands to another party.

The request was submitted ranks of Commission A and C DPRD North Sumatra Commission in a joint meeting to discuss the existence of North Sumatra provincial government assets in the form of land ex Sunggal Film Studio in Medan, on Monday.

Joint meeting headed by Chairman of Commission A DPRD North Sumatra Hasbullah Hadi was accompanied by Chairman of the Commission of CH Eddi Rangkuti it is a continuation of the previous meeting with the agenda the discussion of the process of transferring ownership of land ex Sunggal Film Studio.

The legal process in cases of transfer of ownership of land was now up to the level of appeal.

As mentioned by Darwin Hutauruk from the Bureau of the Secretariat of the Provincial Government of North Sumatra, it is very serious in addressing the region's assets.

"The proof is the legal process of land cases ex Sunggal Film Studio had come to appeal," he said.

A Commission and Commission C DPRD North Sumatra on that occasion also asked the North Sumatra provincial government is really proactive follow the legal process that is currently in a civil lawsuit in Supreme Court (MA).

"It should be made efforts to complement the data that can prove the land is an asset of North Sumatra province," said Hasbullah Hadi.

Some time earlier, Insan Film Forum Kumunikasi North Sumatra (FKIFSU) also urged the Provincial Government of North Sumatra and North Sumatra Police resolve land disputes former film studio, located at Jalan Week Sunggal, Sunggal Kelurahan, Kecamatan Medan Sunggal, Medan City.

"Provincial Government of North Sumatra and North Sumatra Police must secure the assets of the state of the land mafia. It takes sincerity to save the land formerly Studio Film Sunggal four-hectare area of ​​third-party domination, "said Chairman FKIFSU, H Amsyal.

North Sumatra provincial government also asked to return Sunggal Film Studio which had stood since 1961 to North Sumatra filmmakers, while North Sumatra Police urged to continue working hard to complete the investigation on the mastery of state assets by the land mafia.