Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sandra Dewi Beauty Artis

The pretty face. The proportional body was supported by the friendliness increasingly equipped Sandra Dewi entered ranah entertainment that the draught of the competition.But that was precisely seen by him as the challenge. A row of the famous product advertisement displayed Sandra Dewi (24) as his star. The cellular operator. One of the national banks famous.Beauty products of the upper class.

The winner of the WRP FFF version 2006 was Sandra Dewi. Called by the 'daughter' of 'snow' because indeed his skin was bright white, his hair was black and his eyes 'bling'. When quarantine, I made surprise morning where I was 'wake up call they'. I knocked on the door to their respective room of the finalist. Hahaha, there are those that his face was full of pimple medicine, with the roll, slept with lingerie the model, etc. of the section's bikini. Funny. But Sandra Dewi?

Get up has been pretty. Not surprised if the photographers, ehm... especially Rici Linde, so fall in love beneran and gak konsen saw Sandra Dewi. WRP, as the sponsor of the agenda, direct terpicut with physical beauty (and was born) this lovely daughter.