Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beauty Nia Ramadhani

Nia Ramadhani that had the complete Prianti Nur Ramadhani name (was born in Jakarta, on April 16 1990; the age 18 years). Nia and his older brother (Thalita) was increased by his mother, after their parents, the man Ramadhani and Chanty Mercia, were separated when Nia was 4 years old.

Nia had headed the career in the world of acting since being 15 years old. His name began to bounce when starring in the Bawang Putih Shallot film. In this film, Nia collided acting with the veteran actor Dwi Yan, Dimaz Andrean as well as Revalina S Temat. Up until 2007, more than 10 films he star in. Unsatisfied playing in the glasses screen, Nia tried the acting capacity in the wide screen film. In 2007, Nia with other young stars like Mike Lewis, Donita, and Lia Waode playing in the film of 'Suster Ngesot' that was directed by Arie Aziz.

In debut his first film, penyuka this white colour was demanded to carry out the kiss scene with the newcomer's artist, Mike Lewis, a model was bloody Canada. After playing in 'Suster Ngesot', Nia again playing in the horror film, the Ghost Ancol Bridge (2008) and appeared the section with the bikini. Moreover her mom said did not like the 'appearance was open' Nia'. Still in the same year, Nia playing in the horror film also the Possession. Around perilisan this film, in the circulating Internet Nia photographs wore the posing bikini with several men in the swimming pool. However, this commotion was only responded to cold by Nia and she said natural wore the bikini in the swimming pool.

Nia had gone out with the singer R&B, Ressa Herlambang. Their relations did not take place old. Nia afterwards established the love with his new girlfriend, Bambang Reguna Bukit or that was closer was called by Bams, one of the group's personnel of Samsons music. Their relations were then not old and were influenced by rumours of the existence of the person third.After that Nia was reported close to the youngest child President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, but also with the nephew of the governor's candidate South Sulawesi Syahrul Yasin Limpo, Adnan Puritcha Ichfan Yasin Limpo.