Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marsha Timothy Sexy Gallery

Film production is the prime Lighthouse Productions Titien manuscript written by a previous Wattimena write the screenplay Pursuit SUN, ON HER, and LOVE, this time taking the theme of teen drama but can give a mild impression of loyalty to a partner.

The film is directed by Henri these Adinato Marsha Timothy starred as a college student named Vega who uses the name Vey broadcasts, as well as Richard Kevin and Kieran Sidhu Dion served as Ryan. Ten of the 11 men had been unfaithful. That theory has heard Vega, a university student majoring in literature who also worked as a radio announcer and freelance as a script writer in an advertising agency. Vega course curious about the theory of reinforced Wulan, a friend who had just found his girlfriend cheating.

Vega caring weekly show about romance and relationship issues between men and women entitled 'From Bandung With Love', finally got the idea for the next broadcast material. Vega wish to consider the problem of infidelity and loyalty in the coming weeks broadcasts. Vega then decided to approach and observe Ryan, creative director at advertising agency where an apprentice to get the facts and data, from the man. Selecting Ryan felt really right, because he is famous playboy.

Vega used the time a week before the broadcast to approach Ryan, to find out from the side of the man who is not loyal Anything can happen in 6 days. As experienced Vega. In the process of approach and observation secretly embarrassed Ryan, Vega actually feeling trapped in a circle. He fell in love with Ryan. As a playboy, Ryan is a telling moves to conquer women. Ryan seemed to know exactly what she needs as a woman.

And unfortunately it was not in self-boyfriend Dion Vega. Innocent men could be called naive. Conventional in love. Anything can happen in 6 days. When Vega realized his position, he should be. But it becomes a dilemma, because what he did with Ryan had known Dion. Finally, who is Vega choose, Ryan knows right to treat a woman or vice versa Dion?