Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Julia Perez Raped (Movie)

Artists section Julia Perez raped by a youth in Jakarta. Because the action can not afford to fight a rape he was eventually killed. That it little picture film that is currently Jupe, call familiar Julia Perez, play through HANTU JAMU GENDONG which will be played simultaneously in theaters on January 22 2009 to come.

In the newest film he figures portray Sri, a childless widow of a venture to sell herbal medicine with Jakarta carrying cloth. While in Jakarta that he met the young and evil rape to death. After that he became a ghost gentayangan of herbal medicine known as a ghost pickaback.

'I am here as Sri children who have left a husband continue Hijrah to Jakarta for selling herbal medicine, eventually die raped. Why do I want to get this film because there legend. And here I go with great people, kayaking Pagayo Koya, Dimas Aditya, Rina Hasyim, Mentari. This story is interesting. If I was watching , 'said Jupe when soft launching film HANTU JAMU GENDONG KFC in Blok M Mall, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (16/12) evening.

Duren singing track this claim to part time as a ghost syuting he felt and often experienced strange things. But he tries not to focus too on-the feeling was to avoid the feeling of trance.

'Because the location is quite horrific, when I served as the Sri also. Sometimes there are exotic. I believe things mystical. So I'm not too that the focus there. Because if there will focus on the future possessed. I sometimes joke that while same-temen temen nggak get too serious, 'he said.

To succeed in Sri portray the film, that he must learn many things, especially how to become a fitter herbal medicine, ranging from how to hold, fold in herbal medicine, herbal medicine until I cried. 'I also learned how I (carrying cloth, red), beat jamunya that I get fit. The most I learned was how to peddle jamunya, I cried herbal medicine herbal medicine ... .. apart is the trick,' he said.