Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beauty Asmirandah

A popularity usually depending straight with an achievement.But not rare also a popularity shackled the freedom of a star. This that was felt by the young Asmiranda star. His emergence dibeberapa the film continued to throw his name. If previously he was called fans him by the name of the role that dilakoni him, now not. 'Now many people that knew and called by mentioning my name, and that that made me happy,' said Asmiranda in the Pondok Indah mosque just recently.

Asmirandah was a player sinteron, born in Jakarta on October 5 1989. Start the career in the world of homeland entertainment through the film of 'Kawin Gantung'. She had begun to be known since starring in the film sinetron 'Inikah Rasanya?'And 'Cinta SMU 2'. After that, the close girl was greeted by 'Andah' was asked to go along play the other film. Apart from playing in the film, Andah also starred in several advertisement products like: 'Gery Cokluut', 'Gery Saluut', 'Rexona', and 'Suzuki Spin'.