Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beauty Anita Hara

Anita Hara was an advertisement model and the Indonesian film star. He often acted with the role that the protagonist, so as the graduate's girl of this Universitas Atmajaya Psychology was not so 'controversial' in acting in his film. Several times the good appearance as the advertisement star or the film, Anita Hara always put on the section's clothes. The image of the graduate's girl of this Atmajaya psychology was then identical sexily. In fact the fact is different. Anita precisely did not like clothes that appeared sexy.

The reason for the demand of the profession only that must be filled. 'I only undertook the task as being asked for by the producer.' But if daily I not liked with clothes like. Yes, clothes appropriately then, she said while smiling. Although currently was identified with the clothed woman the section but in bargaining bersinetron herself often received the role protogonis. Although then there are those that played a role in like the section's woman Anita always thinking repeated. Her article of Anita was still being related to the advertisement contract.

Her name the advertisement star must be able to guard the product and the image therefore if being that like that I thought again. I was also confused not the role antogonis that always was offered but was the reverse, I the girl born in March 29 1980 that studied acting from the friend in the location syuting this.