Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learn All About Insurance Muscle Car

Question: How do I know if my car falls into a category of insurance, high performance?

Answer: A good starting point would be to ask your dealer. A broker usually tell if your car falls into the category of muscle car insurance. To be considered high performance, your car must meet a weight power ratio. Most cars that are insured vehicles that are considered high performance sports cars and have a corresponding pricetag. However, there are several models available in the mile range 15-25000 dollar. For example, the Dodge Caliber is less than a sports car price. Ask your agent or broker for specific criteria within the domain of your.

Q: Why is my car more expensive to insure?

A: The first reason is that these cars are generally more expensive to buy. The rates of car insurance muscle depends on the replacement cost of your particularvehicle. Secondly, statistics show that drivers of sports cars take more risks. As a result, their accident rates are higher than average. To account for the increase in accidents, agents to increase prices accordingly. Finally, these cars are often not used as a family or a mobility vehicle main. A person is much more likely to use a high performance sports car for a weekend or walk. Again, increasing the risk behaviors and accident insurance raisescosts.

Q: Should I insure my old car as a classic car or muscle car policy?

A: What policy is best for you depends on your use of the vehicle. If you plan to use high-performance capabilities of your old car, you might be better off choosing a muscle car of specific insurance policy. However, if your old car is more for show and you want to spend much time in the garage, walking countrylanes or on the car shows to show, you can choose a classic car policy. Every policy has different coverage parameters and specifications. Ask your insurance agent whose policy is best for your old car.

Q: Does my agent to ensure my muscle car more?

A: That will depend on several factors. All this will be the current state of the car. If the car is not roadworthy, chances are yourinsurance provider will not want to question the muscle car insurance for your vehicle. If you are actively restoring the car, you'll probably be able to get a policy. If your car is in good working condition, you will most likely not a problem. Your muscle car is old or new, be sure to maintain your vehicle properly to protect its value.