Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chlorophyll, The Green Disease Prevention

Chlorophyll, The Green Disease PreventionFortunately for those who love to eat green vegetables. Source of food low in fat and rich in fiber has many health benefits because it contains nutrients and non nutrients that are needed body, one of which is chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants giver.

In everyday life, chlorophyll has become a familiar consumer products for our health. Starting from the vegetables we eat, a safe dye for food and traditional beverages, up to natural dyes for weaving and batik.

In the world of health, chlorophyll is now developed as one of the supplements to boost immunity. Even the role of chlorophyll is now being developed in tumors and cancer therapy. Many research results have shown chlorophyll antimutagenic properties (preventing the spread of cancer-causing genes).

According Prof.Dr.Made Astawan, Professor of Food Technology IPB, in his book Aneka Food Nutrition, chlorophyll binding of compounds to inhibit the reaction of a carcinogen (causes cancer) with DNA, and counteract the radical compound reaction. Chlorophyll can also protect the immune system through its ability to reduce the reactivity of radical compounds.

When we are exploring Internet sites, quite a lot of international research that proves the function of chlorophyll. Prominent function of chlorophyll is an antioxidant and clean intestinal system (digestive tract food from the abdominal cavity to drain or the anus). Chlorophyll also serves to neutralize bad breath, hyper blood circulation, to a natural brain tranquilizer.

Dr. Leenawaty Limantara, scientists who study research on chlorophyll, said the chlorophyll molecule has a structure similar to hemoglobin, the red pigment in human blood. Therefore, chlorophyll a vital nutrient for the human body and is a molecule that can be accepted by the body naturally so that the potential increase endurance.

The ability of chlorophyll in strengthening the immune system is also caused by the supply of antitumor and antikuman to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and wound infection in the gastrointestinal tract.

The use of oral
Actually, nature has provided the sources of chlorophyll a very reliable and can be consumed easily. The trick is to eat green vegetables on a regular basis. According Leenawaty, katuk an Indonesian native plants rich in chlorophyll.

However, the process of cooking and processing of vegetables that are not appropriate can also reduce nutrients contained in food. 'Impaired function of the gastrointestinal tract can also make the absorption of food is not good. The sign can be seen from the remnants of food in the stool,' said dr.Roy Indrasoemantri, product consultant PT.Synergy Worldwide Indonesia.

Technological developments have helped the creation of chlorophyll in the form of supplements in the form of capsules or chlorophyll. In Indonesia, enough liquid chlorophyll products sold in the market. According to Roy, every month of liquid chlorophyll products are marketed to thousands of bottles sold.

The nature of chlorophyll is not soluble in water requires special techniques for water-soluble chlorophyll to facilitate its distribution in the body. Therefore, only certain manufacturers are able to produce supleme liquid chlorophyll.

According to Roy, chlorophyll a good supplement products can mix with water without having to be shaken. If found instructions 'shake it first' on a package of liquid chlorophyll, can be sure it is not pure chlorophyll supplements or are still mixed with other compounds.

'Beware of products that use fat solvent compounds. If consumed in the long run, long may accumulate in the body and interfere with liver function,' said Roy.

Pure chlorophyll supplements also do not have the taste and aroma. It also does not cause a sense of bitterness on the tongue. To test the purity of chlorophyll supplements can be done by letting the product in the glass for a few moments. If the product is precipitate, that is not a pure product and if allowed to stand for several hours to be bubbly and fluffy, then the product is very dangerous.

Because of its nature as a supplement, then the main function of chlorophyll is the product for the prevention of disease. 'In Indonesia, natural products such as these are often used as an alternative product for the treatment of disease, although its function to prevent the disease,' said Roy.

For people who suffer pain, according to Roy products of chlorophyll may be consumed along with medical drugs. 'Function as a supplement,' he said. Although no promises of healing, but observed that if these products are consumed regularly can improve your fitness and progress. 'For example, if before the road a few steps already felt tight, now it's chest could be better,' he said.

Community nutritionist from IPB, Eddy Setyo Mudjajanto, saying basically chlorophyll supplement is safe for consumption. 'If the product is consumed is pure chlorophyll, there is almost no side effects. If there is an excess dose was probably only 1-2 tablespoons,' she said. Yet he suggested that every product supplement taken in accordance with the recommended dosage listed on the packaging.