Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Boomers can Save Money on Auto Insurance

GEICO offers a guaranteed renewal auto policy to qualifying policyholders aged 50 and over. If you match the following criteria, contact GEICO for a guaranteed renewal auto policy:
Baby Boomers Save on Auto Insurance
* Must be 50 or older
* No drivers under 25 to be covered on the policy
* Clean driving record for the past three years
* Vehicles are used for personal use only (no business use).

Some insurance companies prefer to non-renew insurance policies once the driver reaches a certain age. With GEICO's auto policy renewal, baby boomers don't have to worry about being tossed out by their insurance company.

After qualifying for the guaranteed renewal program (not available in all states), baby boomers should check out several of the other discounts you may be eligible for like the Multi-Car Discount or Retired Government and Military Discount or even the Five-Year Good Driving Discount. Applying these discounts and other available auto discounts can save baby boomers money on auto polices.

Put on your reading glasses, wear your gray hair proudly and visit the GEICO website or call and ask for the mature driver's discount. Don't be ashamed, after all, you earned it.