Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colorado Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements Minimum

Are you aware of the auto insurance minimum requirements of Colorado? The minimum levels of auto insurance coverage requirements set by the legislature CO. Driving without the required insurance is a very serious matter and may result in penalties and hassle-free events.

Personal injury liability

As a pilot in Colorado, you must be at least $ 25,000 in individual liability insurance for bodily injury up. This type of> The insurance pays the medical expenses of a person injured in a car accident where you are considered the driver fault. Your policy should also have a ceiling of at least $ 50,000 to pay medical bills for two or more persons injured in the same accident.

Responsibility for damage

The party liability property damage insurance policy compensates for damage to objects such as vehicles from the other driver, a mailbox, a fence or shed. The minimum level ofcoverage required by law to CO is $ 15,000.

Please keep in mind that the minimum levels of insurance coverage outlined here are just. Drivers in Colorado have the opportunity to buy more coverage if they want. Before making a decision on the level of coverage to buy, you should keep in mind that if you the driver at fault in an accident, you will be responsible for paying damages above your policy limits.

It makes more sense to insure your vehicleproperly and not take the chance that you'll have to consider tapping into your savings or liquidate your assets after an accident. Your insurance company or agent can help you calculate how much coverage you should have in place.

Find Colorado Auto Insurance Today

Now that you know what the minimum requirements for Colorado auto insurance is, why do not you take the next step and make sure you have enough protection for yourneeds? Spend some time comparing the levels of some of the best companies and you can be on your way to Colorado's auto insurance better in a jiffy!