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Tips for New Method of Treating Acne with Vitamins

Acne is a skin problem that can reduce a person's self confidence. One way to reduce the acne problem is to use vitamins.

Hormonal imbalance is the main cause of acne, therefore pregnant women and during menstruation is often seized with this skin problem. Acne problems generally include blackheads, pustules (pimples), seborrhea (skin scaly red), papules, nodules and internal injuries due to certain skin diseases.

Some people use vitamins to overcome them. But there are some advantages and disadvantages of using vitamins to reduce acne, as quoted from buzzle, Wednesday (03/30/2011), namely:

Benefits reduce acne with vitamins

1. Doctors generally use a vitamin expert because this treatment is more natural than other treatment or therapy
2. This vitamin also be an additional nutrients for the body
3. This treatment does not backfire or show side effects that are safer to use

Reduce acne with vitamin deficiencies

1. Should be disciplined because the dose given must be accurate and should not be excessive, so as not to trigger the excess levels of vitamin in the body.
2. Generally require a period of a very long treatment

Vitamins are used to reduce the appearance of acne can be in the form of capsules, pills, tablets, ointments or creams and diet. And vitamin-viamin will provide the nutrients needed by the skin cells. Vitamins are used to reduce acne are:

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is usually modified or formulated into vitamin A acid (Vitamin A acid) or retinoic acid. Serves to activate genes in skin cells that have not matured or are known as keratinocytes and turn it into an adult or mature.

Vitamin C
This vitamin works for healing and reduce free radicals within the skin because the content of antioxidants. Vitamin C is also helps the skin heal quickly, preventing blackheads, inflammation and injury.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is also known to have very similar functions and act as antioxidants in the skin, prevents scarring, bacterial growth and some reactions in the body.

Contains Violence, Anti-Israel Facebook eliminate Pages

Gambar ilustrasi. (Foto: google) CALIFORNIA (News CAIRO) - The Israeli government asked for up to remove a page named Third Palestinian Intifada.

Israel considers the page was filled with hatred against the Jews. Had refused the request, the up eventually remove it.

Previously, spokeswoman for up to explain why they refused the request. "Although some comments and the content may upset some people, but this is no reason to remove a discussion that happened. We believe users are able to express their opinion and we do not usually remove the content or group or page that speaks about the state, religion, politics or ideas,"

But now, the most popular networking site in the world is rid of pages that its members have reached the range of 350 thousand person. In essence, the page referred to voice their opposition to Israel, by force if necessary.

Dede Yusuf National Film Critics Atmosphere Day

Bandung (ANTARA News) - Vice Governor of West Java, Dede H Joseph criticized the managers of theaters in the area that the majority still put pictures and play imported films, especially Hollywood productions at the National Film Day March 30, 2011.

"It was less fit when on the day of this Indonesian film, still appears a number of cinemas that displayed posters of Hollywood films. Yes should be a minimum of three days does not hold it, "said Dede Yusuf in discussions related to the movie National Film Day 2011 in Bandung on Wednesday.

These conditions, says Dede, very ironic at the same time became the National Film Day which seeks to restore the glory and popularity of the film products within the country.

"Supposedly this time for three days without a foreign film, so there is a sense of love for the movie industry," he said.

According to Dede, the cinema is the spearhead for increasing return love to the movie industry. For that, there should be regulation on film, in which when in one building there are three cinema room, a play room set aside for national films.

He said foreign films is still a dominating interest visitors cinema, but on the other hand the need for efforts to restore the love and interest in watching the movie industry some of whom have a high enough quality.

On that occasion, Dede Yusuf also encouraged to show regional movies that raise the local content and local potentials.

"Unfortunately there are still a few people who think local film-making by local governments as an extravagance, while films about ghosts so swift in the national film markets," said Dede Yusuf.

He invites people to participate in giving impetus to the central government and human film to encourage local filmmaking.

She said the need for governments to encourage players to lift the national film culture keanekaragamana area.

"People should be encouraged to re-create a community to find love of the movie industry as they love and want to watch movies Si Kabayan, monkey Kasarung, Macan Kemayoran and others," said former cinema that artist.

On that occasion, Dede who was also born from the world of cinema to invite the whole community to spread the message to grow and nurture the longing of the film.

"The film is not necessarily the only regional language, can speak Indonesian, but her story is the theme and plot could expose the wealth of character and culture of the region," he said.

In addition, Dede Yusuf is also encouraging the growth of independent films or commonly known as short films. The films provide a space to be able to express the richness and message areas or particular themes unique and special money.

Commemoration Day at the National Film Theatre held at the Regent Bandung Jalan Sumatera, Bandung. Activities linked to commemorate Bandung Film Festival 2011 was also charged with serving the film "tempo doeloe" Prayer works titled Blood and Usmar Ismail.

It also held a short film or independent film, Dodoo Garut and Kampung Naga.

While the discussion themed film "Lovely Reviving Local Culture Through Independent filmmakers", featuring speakers Dede Yusuf H, Ki Haryono (IKJ) and Chairman of the Forum Film Bandung H Eddy D Iskandar, who is also a novelist.

How it Works "Aircraft Beast"

The progress of time making the aircraft aerospace technology development, at present there are three strong sides in the world with highly advanced technology aircraft. The first is of course the United States, second is Europe and most recently Russia. All three compete to create a fighter with more advanced technology than that which led the stealth lainnya.untuk affairs remain the United States, while Russia can not be considered lightly with excess excess maneuverability, even though America has also developed technology that is not less speedily maneuvers with Russia as the application of Thrust vectoring, which "exhaust" the plane can turn turn into all arah.tapi between all these technologies will be discussed here is about how the aircraft got the nickname Stealth (Indonesia: Demon, could disappear.)

Russian-built stealth aircraft:

There are several American-owned aircraft that enter muthakir this Category of the aircraft the F-117, F-22, JSF F-35, and B-2. For Stealth own affairs can in akali the manufacturer with a design which minimizes plane curve whose function is to reduce the sharp angle corners that can be caught by the radar and appear at the RCS (radar cross section), except that there are also planes that already quite elderly, such as F / A-18 Hornet (although no excuse for Ko Ko has undergone an upgrade more than 30 percent) that covers some part on his aircraft with radar-like coating on the tip end of the main wing and part of his ruder.

Examples of how the aircraft which use stealth system (invisible):

In the picture above A F-117 aircraft to avoid radar because the design of the aircraft has a minus indentation so that the radar that the enemy will come from in pantulkan so that appears on the monitor RCS enemy is just dot dot (dot dot) is very small which can be regarded as a gang bird and not a plane that was slipping.

Similar to how the Bird's Nest:

Aircraft without stealth system (invisible):

This second picture is an F-15 Eagle that the design has many sharp curves on bodynya grooves so it can catch in the radar well and appear in the monitor as a dot dot RCS fighters who infiltrate. Maybe that's easy to picture why a plane can get away from security monitor enemy, but once the aircraft the F-117 proved to have weaknesses as well, during the Yugoslav conflict, the aircraft caught radar and shot down by missile-made SA-3 SAM Russia.ternyata crash that at the time of its bomb bay (door bomb) in an open, so maybe that's a sharp angle corner was caught by radar later in the attack with surface-to-air missiles (surface-to-air missile). In conclusion, it would need improvement in each generation fighter aircraft, with these improvements is a state party to reduce the number of fatalities is falling.

Aircraft American-Made Beast


to achieve the "stealth" there are 3 methods which currently known
1. engineering form (shape) as the form in F117
2. materials engineering (radar absorbant material) as in U2 (early generations)
3. engineering other technologies: plasma stealth, the effect first appeared in the Russian sputnik satellite, to the plane still kyknya still a secret.

however, its ultimate goal to be achieved in addition to a distinguished stealth invisible on radar, also invisible to the eye (like a chameleon) and is currently under study as well. if not wrong ever appeared in National Geographic television show about this, using laser technology and engineering materials for diverting the light that should be reflected so that the object appears behind the object (object to be transparent).

over time, also developing radar technology to detect stealth aircraft, such as radar 'radio', acoustic, infrared radar, radar thermal (heat), weather radar (?? least able to detect the air when the plane crossed tubulensi), etc.

so the cost of research for a big stealth aircraft can be counter to the development of more sophisticated radar distinguished.

Prediction Score Matches AC Milan vs Inter Milan (Derby Milano 2011)

Derby Milano 2011: Prediction of AC Milan vs Inter Milan . Derby-themed action bigmatch Milano 2011 will be presented at the Stadio San Siro on Sunday, April 3, 2011 when AC Milan will host Inter Milan. This action is certainly tight and exciting as betting scudeto tinged flavor.

Currently, the two team shirts are competing to become pemuncak middle klasmen 2010/11 Serie A season. In the remaining eight games, the Rossoneri remain level over the Nerazzurri, who finished second with only two-digit advantage.

AC Milan would not release this Milano Derby, because if they lose then ascertained their position will be taken over by Inter Milan. I Rossoeri victory target to end the fasting title since eight years ago. As for I Nerazurri, scudetto title this season certainly will take Inter's new record is to be the first team that is able to achieve six successive scudetto. Currently, new Inter Milan Juventus could equal the record with a collection of five successive scudetto.

In addition to pursuing his sixth Scudetto, Milan Derby also has another meaning for Inter. Massimo Moratti's team also brings back ambitions 0-1 defeat at the first meeting, November ago. At that time, Inter-status as host forced to surrender a single goal by former bombernya, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is now defending the banner of Il Diavolo.

Opportunity to be able to overtake Inter Milan at the top of Serie A, even wide open. The reason, the rivals appeared certain to be without Ibra who must undergo sanctions ban appear. Do not stop there, Milan is also in the performance graph that is not good. Rossoneri have not even picked a victory in his last three games, including a 0-1 defeat at the Renzo Barbera from Palermo, 20 March.

However, Inter are also not without problems, though the middle of the chart climbing to reach two victories, including the time to beat Bayern Munich and ensure a ticket to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Champions League this season. Leonardo Araujo allenatore certainly can not lose its flagship defender Lucio (sanctions) and probably also without the injured Christian Chivu, full of emotion in this duel. Just info, before the train Inter, Leonardo was also a former coach of Milan and the Rossoneri star in the era of the 90s.

Referring to historical records, Milan and Inter have clashed 274 times in various competitions. As a result, Milan recorded better results by reaching 107 victories, while Inter won 95 times, 72 times the rest ended a draw. However, if the two teams meeting only at the stage dikerucutkan into Serie A, Inter would have a better record. Than 175 times the clash, the Nerazzurri won 64 times, while Milan 59. Especially in the last five meetings, Inter slightly superior with three victories, while Milan won two victories.

Head to head AC Milan vs Inter Milan:
November 15, 2010 (SA) Inter Milan 0-1 AC Milan
January 25, 2010 (SA) Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan
Aug 30, 2009 (SA) AC Milan 0-4 Inter Milan
July 27, 2009 (Trial) AC Milan 0-2 Inter Milan
February 16, 2009 (SA) Inter Milan 2-1 AC Milan

AC Milan's last five games:
March 20, 2011 (SA) Palermo 1-0 AC Milan
March 13, 2011 (SA) AC Milan 1-1 Bari
March 10, 2011 (LC) Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan
March 6, 2011 (SA) Juventus 0-1 AC Milan
March 1, 2011 (SA) AC Milan 3-0 Napoli

Inter Milan's last five games:
March 20, 2011 (SA) Inter Milan 1-0 Lecce
March 16, 2011 (LC) Bayern Munich 2-3 Inter Milan
March 12, 2011 (SA) Brescia 1-1 Inter Milan
March 6, 2011 (SA) Inter Milan 5-2 Genoa
February 28, 2011 (SA) Sampdoria 0-2 Inter Milan

Prediction of the Structure and Formation Players AC Milan vs Inter Milan:

AC Milan (4-3-1-2): 32-Christian Abbiati, 77-Luca Antonini, 52-Alexander Merkel, 4-Mark van Bommel, 8-Gennaro Ivan Gattuso, 70-Robinho, 7-Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva, 18-Antonio Cassano.
Reserves: 1-Marco Amelia, 17-Massimo Oddo, 16-Mathieu Flamini, 10-Clarence Seedorf, 76-Mario Alberto Yepes, 11-Urby Emanuelson.

Inter Milan (4-3-1-2):
1-Julio César, 55-Yuto Nagatomo, 2-Iván Ramiro Córdoba, 23-Marco Materazzi, 13-Maicon, 14-Houssine Kharja, 8-Thiago Motta, 4-Javier Adelmar Zanetti, 5-Dejan Stankovic, 7-Giampaolo Pazzini, 9-Samuel Eto'o.
Reserves: 12-Luca Castellazzi, 57-Felice Natalino, Esteban Matias Cambiasso 19-, 17-McDonald Mariga, 27-Goran Pandev, 15-Andrea Ranocchia, 29-Coutinho.

Prediction Score Matches AC Milan vs Inter Milan by BolaGoalNet : Inter Milan won with a score of 1-2 (pur = AC Milan 0:0 Inter Milan). The match AC Milan vs Inter Milan LIVE Indoesiar planned broadcast on April 3, 2011, at 1:45 pm.

Look forward to continued development news updates on the blog about the Derby Milano BolaGoalNet .

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Anecdotes Reflections GusDur

As a pluralist character, former President KH Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur is also known as a highly humorous. Many celutukan, jokes, and responses regarding the events and complicated issues make the society frowning, with a reflex interesting tip lip and forming a smile.

Even Once, when asked about the "hobby" is, for Gus Dur, humor has become their daily diet.

"Gus, really like the humor continue anyway?" asked someone, who was amazed because Gus Dur's humor is always changing. "At boarding school, humor was a daily activity," he explained. "With a joke, we could for a moment forget the difficulties of life. With humor, our minds are so healthy," he continued.

A lot of humor that was brought Gus Dur on various occasions, we can see the following.

Humor NU
Like when people describe NU fanaticism, for Gus Dur, there are three types of NU.
"If they come from seven o'clock until nine o'clock at night, and told of the NU, NU's usually people who are committed and fanatical against NU," he explained about the first type.
The second type are those who, though already late at night, about twelve hours until one night, but still knocking on doors to talk about NU Gus Dur, "It's called NU madman."
"But if there are people who still NU also knocked on the door of my house at two in the morning until six o'clock in the morning, it's called NU a crazy person," said Gus Dur as he chuckled at that time.

Police Humor
Other humor in mind many people are in the form of criticism dolintarkan joke when many questioned the morality police, who could still apply to the present time although this humor flung setyahun ago.
"Good cop who was just three. Mr. Hugeng the late former Chief of Police, the police and the police statue sleep," selorohnya.

People of Religious Humor
Another joke leveled Gus Dur while attending the "Seminar on Indonesian national insight" in Batam. In front of 100 pastors from around the Riau Islands province, Wahid explained togetherness must start with a generous attitude toward others.
"Therefore, all the people responsible for our nation's future. It may fight one another but safety remains the priority," said Gus Dur laughter greeted the participants.

Humor House
He also had cast members joke about the behavior of the Parliament. Got referred to them as a kindergartner, Gus Dur was joking lawmakers have "come down the rank of" after the chaos in the plenary session discussion of rising fuel oil (BBM) in 2004.
"The House first playgroup kindergarten now," said Gus Dur at his residence in Ciganjur, Jakarta, South, Thursday (17/03), when answering reporters' questions about events in the House of Representatives during the trial Wednesday (16/03).

Jihad Humor
Even when responding to jihad acts by many Muslims who believe his death will "guarantee" a place in heaven, Gus Dur even threw back his jokes.
"Gus, true that the bombers had died a martyr and met an angel in heaven?" asked a reporter to Gus Dur.
Gus Dur replied, "Do they already exist that prove? Of course not right, clerics and terrorists that's also never been to heaven. They were clearly not die a martyr but died ill. And even if they go to heaven, they'll be sorry to see bidadaru, because its head is left in the world and detained by the police. "

Humor Pilgrimage
Could Gus Dur truly believe in the signal from the tombs of ancestors? It seems he did believe it, because Gus Dur is always ready with a persistent and earnest defense of "ideology" was his. Though it often makes trouble his colleagues.
But, this is probably the correct answer, when asked why Gus Dur frequent pilgrimages to the tomb of the scholars and ancestors.
"I came to the tomb, because I know. Those who died had had no interest anymore," he said.

Gitu Aja Kok Repot
Besides humor, Gus Dur is also known by the community thought the answer that simplifies the sometimes convoluted. He often said, "why bother Gitu wrote."
Like when he responded Probosutedjo statement regarding the truth about the condition of the sick Soehrato. At that time (March 2, 2000), Wahid pleaded not allowed to meet with Soherto.
Gus Dur admitted, from his side no problem at all to visit Suharto, and his door was always open. "The case I went with who was not a problem. By Marzuki Darusman or if you need to bring my entire cabinet. So just why bother," he said.
The same answer also raised the grandson of the founder of NU when responding to the demands of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).
"Do not be afraid and worry, stay calm. Gitu wrote why bother."

Speech has become its own trademark, so that this remark also imitated by Gus Pur in the event of the Republic of Dreams.
When asked Andy F Noya in the show Kick Andy, regarding the role that dilakoni Handoyo, Gus Dur was again responded with lightly.

"Abis how again, well anggep alone. Itung-Itung advertisements (ads) for free," he greeted the audience laughter.

Uruguay beat Ireland

Dublin (AFP) - Uruguay took victory in the drama of five goals in Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Wednesday pm when the Irish beat host of experimental and less experienced with the score 3-2.

The team from South America was going to lead 3-1, through one of the most impressive performances at the newly renovated stadium, and Ireland is unable to repair their two-goal deficit at halftime, as cited by AFP.

However, Ireland coach Giovanni Trapattoni will be quite pleased with the performance of his young team against a team ranked seventh in the world.

After losing 0-2 last Friday of Estonia, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez down a team that is able to restore confidence, with the nine core players who appeared in the semifinals of World Cup South Africa 2010.

But the two players who did not take part in the match, captain Diego Lugano and young players Abel Hernandez, and Edinson Cavani, scored a success in a tense first half.

Hernandez, 20-year-old Palermo striker, appeared very impressive in the first half and get the first chance for "La Celeste" by controlling the feed from Diego Forlan in his chest, but his efforts failed to score Ireland's captain that night, Stephen Kelly.

On another occasion, Keith Fahey almost embarrassing Fernando Muslera Uruguay guarding the wicket, when long-distance attempt bounced in front of the goalkeeper, who can only watch the ball bounced off him and go beyond the crossbar.

Opening goal occurred in the 12th minute, but it is far from qualified. Forlan's free-kick headed away by Fahey, but the ball terpantulkan by Cavani and Lugano without making mistakes, fired the ball past Keiren Westwood.

Shane Long, Ireland's best players in the game, equalized three minutes later, get the ball from a long sweep of Clark, held for the fed to Paul Green who directed the ball to Liam Lawrence on the right wing.

He held it, and with a cross the left leg, received Long, who drove into the penalty box and high jump for the ball and scored his sixth international goal.

Judging from the score, the visitors clearly superior, and Maxi Pereira strengthen its dominance of the South American team to roam the right wing with a perfect feed Cavani.

Napoli players were mercilessly sent a ball past Westwood to the net to bring his team back the lead. Hernandez terrorize the Irish defense and the player nicknamed "The Jewel" was then scored a goal five minutes before halftime.

Created the last goal for the host, as Fahey did not have trouble doing a penalty kick in minute 48.

Police Prepare Special Team Related Umar Patek

Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - Police have formed a joint team involving several agencies that provided information related to the arrest of the main perpetrators of the first Bali bombings, Umar Patek, in Pakistan.

"We can not necessarily go directly to it, must wait for news of our involvement and approval by the authorities there. The team is being prepared for deployment to Pakistan, "said Police Headquarters Kabareskrim Komjen Police Ito Sumardi in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Wednesday afternoon.

Umar Patek, one of dedengkot al-Qaeda network in Indonesia, which otherwise also masterminding the Bali Bombing in 2002, reportedly arrested law enforcement agencies and military in Pakistan.

Patek (40 years), a descendant of Javanese, Arab and even stated "very hunted" by the FBI given the proximity to al-Qaeda network in the country. The lure of prize money put up 1 million U.S. dollars to anyone who can inform and capture the existence of Patek.

One member of Patek network-Amrozi, Hambali, was arrested the FBI when the United States President George W Bush and detained at Guantanamo Special Prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Patek also been reported arrested after a manhunt hard action in the Philippines several years ago, but it was found that the news was never proven. "This time we also have to really check, also with colleagues from other agencies," said Sumardi.

According to him, the Indonesian police arrest Patek heard it a few days ago. "This khan was for information only. Maybe she ran away from Indonesia via Bangkok, "he said.

Wamentan: Import of Rice Retired as of March 31

Medan , 30 / 3 (Xinhua) - The government ensures stop rice imports as of March 31, 2011 because in addition to the rice harvest is underway, the national rice stock is also quite adequate or could be for five to six months.

"Imported rice is stopped because it was considered no longer needed because the stock is adequate and there followed the harvest in almost all production centers," said Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Bayu Krisnamurthi, in Medan on Wednesday.

He stated that after a dialogue with a range of Bulog and Bulog partners and relevant agencies in the Warehouse Bulog Road Mustafa Medan .

The dialogue dimaksdukan to find out problems in the area of ​​rice trading.

Nationally, he said, imports of rice has reached about 1, 6 million -1.7 million tons of which are all destined for national stockpiles, including commercial made by the government to flood the market amid turmoil in the market price.

"Stock is completely safe, even some areas such as in Sumatra very safe or get to the end of the middle of harvest which is also still ongoing. So there will be no problem if the import is stopped, "he said.

For today's imported rice which are on the way as yours Bulog Sumut as many as six ships with about 25,000 tons of cargo was not a problem despite the inclusion later in the port of Belawan on March 31.

"What is the import should not be started on March 31, because the government already decided to stop imports," he said.

To anticipate the procurement pascadihentikannya imports, the government will conduct the procurement of supplies by way of local or inter-island.

Local rice and the inter-island will further strengthen the national rice stock, he said.

Head of Bulog Divre North Sumatra , Muchtar Sa "ad, Bulog rice stocks sufficient to justify unsafe or 93,021 tons per 26 March, in which the amount was sufficient to supply the needs until the end of the year.

He also acknowledged, there are additional stock of about 25,000 tons of cargo imported from Vietnam six ships are the way to the Port of Belawan.

Meanwhile, the Head of Department of Agriculture of North Sumatra , M. Room S, say, until February 2011, rice yields in Deah it already exceeded the target, or 109 percent.

He admitted, this year, rainfall is good enough so that the harvest is kept alternately in the various production centers.

With that condition, he said, the estimated rice production target by 3.6 million tons of dried grain harvest this year will be achieved.

"Termination of imported rice farmers would be more exciting, because the demand for local rice will be more and more and it triggered the price of rice or rice farmers survive expensive," he said. (T.E016/B/B008/B008)

Dana Bos To Langkat Rp71 Billion

Langkat, North Sumatra , 30 / 3 (AFP) - School Operational Assistance Funds for Langkat North Sumatra, in 2011 it reached Rp71 billion more.

"We've been receiving BOS funding, but still we try disbursements as soon as possible," said Syam Sumarno, Head of Education and Teaching Langkat Stabat when contacted on Wednesday.

The total received BOS darii central government reached Rp 71,043,860,000, which is applied for 153 public and private junior high schools, and 611 public and private elementary schools, he said.

Syam Sumarno also explain to students receiving as many as 23 593 Junior High School students, as many as 14,676 private school students, while receiving as many as 118,971 elementary school students and private school students by 5355.

While students are recipients of BOS funds will be accepted per quarter. As junior high students will be received Rp 142,500 and per-pupil primary school will receive a registration Rp99.250, he said.

Meanwhile Sugirin as Section Head and vocational high school curriculum that also Maneger BOS in Langkat also explained that the BOS funds will also cater for RKA eperti personnel expenditures at the school.

It also can buy goods and services, as well as capital expenditure such as buying books, computers, or goods that do not run out a year, he said.

Sugirin also add to Langkat, the current BOS funds not be disbursed, it is still in process at the House of Representatives (DPRD) to seek approval ahead, so soon to be paid to the account of the recipient schools.

But until now it has not dropped a preliminary approval for it, when it come down soon we're willing to pay, he said .*** 3 ***

Citibank Customer Request Give careful Signature

Jakarta To prevent re-occurrence of fraudulent funds, Citibank asking its customers to be more careful to provide a signature that may be impacting on the movement of funds.
Managing Director and Country Business Manager of Citibank Tigor Siahaan said, in every transaction, the customer must be careful and meticulous.
We appealed to customers to be careful when making a transaction. Not to us alone but all other customers. Start a check, do not sign the statement or a blank check, said Tigor.
In addition, although customers already familiar with the relevant bank clerk, never once in a while to trust his money taken care of just like that. Because this is an open space for fraud.
Do not believe people even though we know the near future. My dad taught me since childhood, if you want a signature must be clearly signed. That's what I preach to clients, added Tigor.
We have called, check the statement that we sent each month. Not only in our banks but also at all banks, he explained.
As is known, the police had just arrested a former Citibank employee who alleged fraud amounting to billions of rupiah customer funds. Former employees of the initials MD.
MD allegedly named Malinda Dee. He is a former Citibank senior worker. In addition to MD, the police also arrested D, Citibank teller who allegedly participated in the burglary.
Malinda snared article 49 paragraph 1 and 2 of Law No. 7 of 1992 as amended by Act No. 10 of 1998 on banking and / or Article 6 of Law No. 15 of 2002 as amended by Act No. 25 of 2003 as amended by Law No. 8 of 2010 on the follow- money laundering.
Citibank has submitted its release on this case. Citibank ensure protection for its clients related to the case of embezzlement of Rp 17 billion fund it. Citibank confirms all customers secure and will be reimbursed for the disadvantaged.
It is our commitment to protecting our customers' interests, including immediately restore the losses suffered by customers who lost through unauthorized transactions in their accounts in a fair and timely, said Corporate Affairs Director, Country Head of Citi Indonesia, Ditta Amahorseya.

86 Novel Reveals Corruption in Court Practice

Jakarta When did you last read a novel that reveals the condition of the community where you live now? Amid the rush of the novels or even labeled builder soul inspiring success stories, Okky Madasari take another path through the novel, titled 86.
86? This title may remind you of George Orwell, 1984, which are both pointed to the numbers. However, the difference, if its 1984-Orwell refers to the number of years, his 86-Okky refers to a code that is popular among law enforcement.
Initially, the term of eight six? used in the language of the police radio, which means the information already received. However, lately, the same term used by practitioners in law to refer cases already settled, already settled with money.
Novel conspicuous yellow-bound 252 pages thick as it has an interesting main character. He is a young woman named Arimbi, low employee at a court office. His job everyday typing incoming cases.
Her boss, Mrs. Danti, is a figure that represents what is later known to the public as a broker case. The lawyers have to make peace with him if they handle cases like completed quickly, and ends happily for all.
As a new employee, initially Arimbi confused with such a system. However, gradually, without really realizing it, he was dragged into the currents put him in difficulties. He blamed Mrs Danti for all that, but still helpless to face a fraud that is so well established, systematic, and menggurita.
This novel became kedasaran for community projects that might later be treated to more stories about dreams. The novel is the work of both Okky 86, a former journalist who now teaches at the University of Paramadina. Her first novel, Entrok received positive response from critics and the public.
Through 86, Okky restore the tradition of literature as resistance to inequality in society. Particularly in relation to the issue of corruption, Okky has continued what has been championed among others by Ramadhan KH (eg via a novel Dryland Perminus) and Satyagraha Hoerip through almost all the short stories.
Through a simple figure Arimbi the plain, the novel aroused public criticism. That, corruption has been ingrained, and the system itself in various government agencies, must be constantly resisted.
Eradication of corruption must be done in various ways. Besides the nature of enforcement, namely to punish the guilty, prevention should be conducted. Especially with the growing awareness, said Okky to portalnewshot.
Okky believe, literature is one of the most effective medium to raise public awareness. Moreover, amid news that its bombardment of short-term only, he added.
From the artistic side, Okky tells his story with a straightforward language, without the flowers, but still felt strong. Inserts love story in life Arimbi gives color to the novel, so it is not only flavorful resistance.

Lippo Village Inter-Continental Cuts passionate Monopoly Brand

Jakarta Hotel Inter-Continental, based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States sued PT Lippo Village because it uses the same brand in the network of PT Lippo Village apartment. However, PT Lippo Karawaci assess the Hotel Inter-Continental brand with the word lust monopolize Inter-Continental.
The plaintiff has created a climate of unfair competition by monopolizing brand lust with Inter-Continental in Indonesia, Lippo Village attorney said, in conclusion Ludiyanto submitted to the Chief Justice, Nani Indrawati at the Central Jakarta District Court, Jalan Gajah Mada, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 30/03/2011).
Ludiyanto explain, in Indonesia has tedaftar brands of the same name by another party's legal entity. However, due to different classes and different kinds of goods that remain listed.
It is not fair if the plaintiff wants the cancellation of the service marks Inter-Continental. Whereas said Inter-Continental is not the word creation plaintiff. The plaintiff is also not the first registrant of the word tersebur in Indonesia. Inter-Continental The word can be used by anyone, he added.
Not only that, Lippo Village also argues that the Inter-Continental brand services on behalf of the plaintiff is not the first registered in Indonesia. This word has been used by a day after the hotel which is registered on April 15, 1993. While plaintiffs' register on July 16, 1993.
Plaintiffs also never filed affidavit evidence in the trial, due diligence.
As is known, the Hotel Inter-Continental Lippo sue because they feel has registered its brand in Indonesia in 1993 to No. 313.01.011 dated 16 July 1993. The name and trademarks is given a number IDM000181945. Upper get this number, then the plaintiff has the exclusive right of trademark.
That is difficult to imagine another purpose terggugat, unless there is intent to free ride on the fame name and trademark plaintiff, bright attorney Hotel Inter-Continetal, Sani Effendy stated in the letter ditandantangani lawsuit by attorney George Widjojo.
(Asp / ang)

Steven Tyler often cooed Daughter To Duet

Steve Tyler's Daddy Rock n Roll Jakarta Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler have goals to bring his beloved daughter, Liv Tyler duet. Liv admitted often seduced her father to sing along.
When talking with Fox News, Armageddon movie star was admitted often sing with my father when you're together. But it is just for fun.
We always talked about doing something together. Sometimes when he was in the studio he'll say Come and be a background singer or sing with me in this song, she said, quoted by the NME on Wednesday (30/03/2011).
Liv to realize Steve is his father when he was 7 years old was desperate to do so. Unfortunately Liv schedules never matched his father.
I usually be somewhere else, and our schedules made it very difficult to meet, he explained.
Although she has not had time to collaborate with her father, before he ever appeared in the Aerosmith video. When the band promoting the single Crazy father in 1993, Liv and Alicia Silverstone became his model.

Citibank Funds Embezzlement Case Closed Meeting Customer by MD

Citibank Jakarta reluctant to open-aperture problem? deception operation mode customer funds to billions of dollars by former karyawatinya initials MD. The case was referred to Citibank isolated and are being dealt with the police.
This case is an isolated case of former employees and is under investigation and has been handled by police, said Managing Director and Business Manager Tigor Siahaan countr when met at the Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/03/2011).
When found, Tigor reluctant to say the pattern of fraud committed by MD. Even the number of customers and also embezzled money that was closed tightly by it.
Nothing to lose customers at all of these cases, clearly Tigor.
After emerge embezzlement case and the client, said Tigor, all Citibank clients have contacted and explained about the seat problem. They (customers) is quite happy and satisfied with current conditions, added Tigor.
Since this case reveals, Tigor admit it improve internal controls so that this case does not happen in other places.
As is known, the police have secured a former Citibank employee who allegedly embezzling billions of dollars. Former employees are MD Malinda aka Dee. He is a senior Citibank employee. In addition to MD, the police also arrested D, Citibank teller who allegedly participated in the burglary.
Malinda snared article 49 paragraph 1 and 2 of Law No. 7 of 1992 as amended by Act No. 10 of 1998 on banking and / or Article 6 of Law No. 15 of 2002 as amended by Act No. 25 of 2003 as amended by Law No. 8 of 2010 on the follow- money laundering.
Citibank has submitted its release on this case. Citibank ensure protection for its clients related to the case of embezzlement of Rp 17 billion fund it. Citibank confirms all customers secure and will be reimbursed for the disadvantaged.
It is our commitment to protecting our customers' interests, including immediately restore the losses suffered by customers who lost through unauthorized transactions in their accounts in a fair and timely, said Corporate Affairs Director, Country Head of Citi Indonesia, Ditta Amahorseya some time ago.

Bill Passed by the House of Representatives Immediately Public Accountants

Jakarta Government and the Commission XI DPR-RI has completed the discussion of draft Law of Certified Public Accountants (Public Accountants Bill). Nine Faction in the House of Representatives Commission XI unanimously agree on the bill of Certified Public Accountants to be brought to the level of two or endorsed in plenary session before the recess.
Finance Minister Agustin Martowardojo hopes the bill can be resolved during the trial I-2011.
As understandable president SBY has filed this bill to the House of Representatives, the letter pointed to Finance Minister and Menkumham to represent in order to propose the Bill of Certified Public Accountants. We hope the bill can be completed during this 2011 session or the first in 2011, said Agus was interrupted meeting with House Commission XI on the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/03/2011).
According to Agus, the government and parliament would have taken the right step in the whole discussion. In general, he continued the things that was agreed was a clear division of authority regarding the public accounting profession and its supervision.
We are not restricting foreign public accountant but rather to provide rules of the game, no it plans to restrict foreign public accountant, Agus added.
Agus added that during the Asian crisis and then there are some issues where it's time to have to fix the system in this country including the system of financial regulation to the system even penunjangya namely public accountant. Therefore, continued Agus if any laws would be more obvious to the public accounting profession to run the profession and its standards.
In the same place, the Chairman of Commission XI Emir Moeis Public Accountants pass the bill to be brought to the level Plenary for approval to the Act. Because of all the factions and the government has approved a draft bill of Certified Public Accountants, the draft will be brought to a level two or decision-making plenary session, he added.
As is known, services, public accountant (AP) in Indonesia has been dominated by foreigners. Through this bill, the House plans to give more space to the local public accountants giving the rule of a foreign public accountant.

Sola Aoi Ready to Leave Porn Star Image

Jakarta Star Sola Aoi Japanese AV proud to play a movie in Indonesia. To portalnewshot, Sola better known by the name of Sora Aoi admitted that he was trying to leave his image as a porn star.
There, I've started to play the show and that it has reduced, said the 27-year-old woman.
Playing in the film Indonesia, is a pride for Sola. Previously, Sola also has appeared in film production in Taiwan.
This is an experience and pride for me, this increase my portfolio, he said kindly.
Girls born in Tokyo 11 November 1983 that began his career in Japanese entertainment world since the age of 18. As he sat dibangku high school class 3, she began working part time in various food industries in Japan. Starting from a waiter and a receptionist at a pizza restaurant, sushi bar and various pubs.
Sora Aoi debut as a sexy model photos in November 2001. Cute face, sweet smile and the hair and brown eyes further enhance the section on self Aoi, she always addressed.
The owner of 155 cm height was playing in his first pornographic film produced by production houses Alice Japan under the title Happy Go Lucky. The film is available in Japan around July 2002.
Since then his name began to soar by being a famous porn star. Aoi had also won the Best Breasts award at the AV Grand Prix awards in 2003.
Aoi is known to be very like to play in the comedy film genre. For that he would accept the offer and played in the movie Sister shampoo 2. Because the film is quite good with the recognition of the horror comedy genre and still sell sexiness.
The film is very funny, and I am very pleased with the comedy, he said.
Aoi is now appearing in many more Japanese television industry event to be filler shows like variety shows. In fact, several times he was seen acting in movies drama in Japan.

Interested booming, Drop Box SPT in Sency Opened Up March 31

Jakarta Due to high demand, Directorate General of Taxation add time opening drop box service delivery annual notification (SPT) tax at Senayan City (Sency) until March 31, 2011. Initially the service drop box in Sency only until yesterday.
P2 Head of Public Relations Directorate General of Taxation Office of Special Jakarta Yanu Asmadi acknowledge the enthusiasm of people to deliver returns in the drop box Sency very big.
Although already anticipated by bringing the sheet receipt more than average, but still not sufficient as at Senayan City on Wednesday, March 29, 2011 yesterday, said Yanu to portalnewsFinance on Wednesday (03/30/2011).
Yanu said, to open the public an opportunity to submit his tax return, the Directorate General of Taxation to add a schedule of service drop box at Senayan City on this day on the 6th floor and 10:00 to 16:00 o'clock tomorrow, March 31, 2010 at 10:00 to 14:00.
It is expected that taxpayers will be more people helped by this ministry, Yanu said.
As is known, yesterday, a number of taxpayers who want to comply with its obligation to submit a Notice of Annual (SPT) Tax on the location drop box in the shopping center Sency disappointed. Location drop box lid 1 hour faster due to run out of paper mark the handover.
According to officials from the drop box Kalibata tax offices, stores drop box is closed more quickly since 1000 the paper receipts that day rations run out. In fact it should drop box locations open at 11:00 to 17:00 pm.
As is known, sending limit tax returns for individual taxpayers is on March 31, 2011. For those taxpayers that tax returns submitted late will incur a fine of Rp 100 thousand. Apart from via the drop box, and shipping can be done with the tax office or by mail to the Tax Office each taxpayer.
The Taxation Office has opened a number of drop boxes to facilitate individual taxpayers submit tax returns Tax. The drop box is in a number of shopping centers and offices.

George Clooney So Sex Scandal Case Witness Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

clooney-analis2 ACTOR George Clooney called as a witness in court cases and prostitution illegal sex scandal involving Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Sora Aoi Suka Cowok Indonesia

sora-aoi-gie STAR Japanese porn movie, Sora Aoi, apparently attracted to guy Indonesia.

New Round U-Kiss Begins With Personnel and New Album

U-KISS PERSONNEL U-Kiss began to speak out about the reshuffle in the body of U-Kiss. Apparently not only the Kissme are surprised and confused by this shocking decision.

Ecuador Native Menggugat

ekuador Suku Asli Ekuador Menggugat

Ecuadorian indigenous tribes filed a lawsuit that has never happened before to the government which is considered committing genocide against indigenous people in the country's Amazon region.

The reason for the lawsuit, addressed to the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, a few ministers, and members of other executives mentioned the plaintiff because they encourage mining and oil drilling in the region.

Efforts to expand oil exploration has been dangerous and Taromenane Tagaeri tribe who live in remote areas, said the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONAIE).

Banana Berbodi car? Why not

PISANG Mobil Berbodi Pisang? Kenapa Tidak
Brazil Good news for lovers of the environment comes from the land of Samba, Brazil. For Brazilian scientists, headed by Alcides Leao PhD has developed a fiber material of natural materials such as banana, pineapple and some other plants.

Not only environmentally friendly, fiber is also claimed to be stronger and lighter than conventional plastic material. Though this fiber produced from cellulose nano-owned fruit substitute conventional plastics in the automotive industry.

In fact, this material tested by several car manufacturers, with quite promising results of renewable and environmentally friendly.

Remarkably, metal and fiber from the fruit is able to be aligned with bullet proof material, Kevlar. The difference, Kevlar is made from materials of natural gas and other chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.

Alcides reveal if his team are also the focus for developing this material as. And we predict if the fiber of this fruit can be marketed starting next two years, says Alcides. (

Throughout 2010, the Piaggio Group 395 Thousand Motorcycle Market

20110330 penjualanPIAGGIO 1 Sepanjang 2010, Piaggio Group Pasarkan 395 Ribu Sepeda Motor

Throughout 2010, the Piaggio Group has successfully marketed 395 thousand units of motorcycles to the world. 395 thousand units consist of a variety of brands that shelter under the Piaggio. Like the Piaggio, Vespa, Aprillia, Gilera, Derbi, Moto Guzzi Scarabeo up.

Medium business three-and four-wheeled vehicles are also developed commercial Piaggio contributed sales of up to 233,400 units.

Compare with motorcycle sales in Indonesia to reach 7 million units in 2010. Far bro! Even sales of Piaggio is no better than Suzuki Indonesia sales of 526 thousand translucent.

And of course still very much when compared with the Yamaha and Honda in Indonesia are translucent 3 million units. But, in Asia, sales of Piaggio Group's pretty good. In 2010, the Asian market has donated 59 thousand units, an increase of 60.5 percent than in 2009.

Whereas a significant increase in Asia this only happened after the assembly plant in Vietnam Piaggio fully operational in 2009. With huge market potential in Indonesia, do not be surprised if ultimately the Italian manufacturer is changing its business direction.

"In Asia Pacific, Piaggio Group has been aiming to increase market share in Vietnam along with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in particular," open Sambuy Costantino, Director of Asia SEA 2 Wheeler, Piaggio, when met yesterday (29 / 3) at Le Meridien Hotel .

While in Indonesia itself, Sambuy not want to disclose its sales target. According to him, the new Piaggio will build sales and after sales network in advance in Indonesia.

And will launch several models with a more affordable price. Even in a meeting with the editorial team yesterday, Piaggio promises to provide a fair price for his product, with price range USD 12 to USD 25 millions.

Three models will be launched first in Indonesia is the Piaggio Zip, Piaggio Liberty Liberty 100cc and 125cc fuel injection, the Vespa LX 125 and LX 150 Vespa fuel injection. Three models will be launched first time at the Fair, June.

Is Piaggio with its European image Brande excellence able to compete in Indonesia? We'll see. (

PAN Invite Democrats Stop New Building Construction

5DC99F6644F13B4A4EB96B90DEDB91 PAN Ajak Demokrat Hentikan Pembangunan Gedung Baru

: Chairman of the PAN faction Tjatur Sapto Edy fractions confirmed that deciding to reject the capitol building.

The attitude of refusal officially declared at a plenary session on Tuesday (29 / 3). Tjatur also claimed to have made a persuasive move to another faction of Democrats.

"We from the beginning also rejected the construction of this new building. We also communicate it to your friends via Pak Saan Mustafa Democrats (Chairman of the Democratic Party) to perform the patterns of persuasive, "said Tjatur when met after the meeting with the Community Enforcement Image Coalition House of Representatives and observers capitol building plans in the House chamber PAN Faction Wednesday , (30 / 3).

According to the Vice Chairman of Commission III, Secretary General of the Parliament to act as if this development can not be stopped. Because of the small voices of members is not heard, then the fractions choose express the official attitude reject the construction of the building.

"This secretary general midfielder (forward) and hold it, can not disetop. We ask that the first disclosure, and both seek the views of our constituents are the people, "he said.

Meanwhile, previously Vice Chairman of the House Anis Matta pleaded not understand with the factions that reject the capitol building. Because according to Anis, during the joint meeting, all the factions had agreed to build a new parliament building.

"I also understand all fraction baseball agreed at the meeting, which we can take this is a matter of consistency. At that time we to ask if anyone wants to reject, resist today, "Anis said when met reporters at the Parliament building on Wednesday (30 / 3).

According to Anis, new building construction continued until now because of the absence of a problem which is considered to stop the development process, and no faction who filed a formal letter refusing a new building. However, if later in the middle of the CPC found the problems associated with development, Anis invited to stop the construction.

"Nothing is official proposed rejection, no single case that could undo the decision of the leadership it. If there are things that are found on the trip by the BPK, KPK to be canceled, yes cancel it, "he said. (* / OL-3)

Koka, 'The Dream Beach' Hidden

pantaikokaflores Koka, The Dream Beach yang Tersembunyi
Doc. detiktravel

- Mainland Flores save a lot of the beauty of exotic landscapes, although not as popular beaches in Bali or Lombok. One of the beautiful beaches but not much visited by the Coast Koka, which is located 48 km from the town of Maumere, Kabuparen Sikka, Flores.

To reach the area dubbed 'The Dream Beach' it Maumere town is not easy, because the entrance is less visible and signposts toward him is not too clear. But to get there, you can ask the locals.

As quoted from detiktravel, to enjoy the beauty of exotic beaches Koka, you have to down a winding road toward the direction of Ende. The trip usually takes over an hour until finally arriving in the District of Paga, which is the location of this beach. Oh yes, before entering the District Paga, you can enjoy smoked fish are sold along the road. For the three smoked fish are large, you can simply spend USD 20 thousand only.

After entering the District Paga, by following the guide, you can get to this beach in a few minutes and see the scenery is very beautiful and charming. From the main road, you have to browse the small road for about 15 minutes. Because the roads are quite small and not good condition, you should walk or bike ride to get there. When searching for the location of the beach, you should pay attention to the guide carefully. Because of its size is very small and closed the bushes.

However small your business down the road and the winding will pay off with views of sandy white beaches and blue sea of ​​soothing. The attraction of this beach is a blue water clear because it has not touched the hands of ignorant.

One more characteristic of this beach are the waves are big. Exposure to strong waves, high waves and sometimes can reach 1.5 meters. For those of you who like surfing, it seems could be the right location. But should be wary of the power of the waves, because deburannya can be quite loud.

Enjoy the natural beauty as an endless beach Koka, unfortunately this one tourism potential has not been used optimally. Lack of tourism promotion and the facilities might be one cause. In fact, if treated better, Koka Coast could become a tourist destination that is not less interesting than tourist sites known in advance.

Women Want to Know Not Taken to Mana

2036222620X310 Belum Tahu Putri Mau Dibawa ke Mana KOMPAS / WISNU Widiantoro One suspect drugs, Princess Ariyanti Haryowibowo, while undergoing investigation at the Directorate of Narcotics Investigation Polda Metro Jaya, Selatan, Monday (03/21/2011).

, - Aryanti Haryowibowo Princess Party (20) still do not know which will be taken to after being treated at the Police Hospital, Kramat Jati, Timur. Sandy Arifin, Princess lawyer said, all depends on the condition of his client later.

"We still do not know will come back to the crease Polda Metro Jaya or not. Out of the hospital just do not know when, "said Sandy when contacted on Wednesday (30/03/2011).

He said that, until now Princess is still getting intensive treatment by a team of doctors Police Hospital. Great-grandson of former President Suharto had complained of feeling unwell while detained at the Jakarta Police crease until eventually taken to the hospital.

"Everything we leave it to the doctor who treated him. Later if you healthy, then going to where, you'll see yes, "said Sandy.

Previously, the family is asking for -Gusti Maya Ari Sigit Firanty Noer was taken to a rehabilitation center instead of having to stay in the crease. The family reasoned age daughter was young and still have to finish college.

Princess Aryanti Haryowibowo which is the great-grandson of former President Suharto is believed to be enrolled at the London School of Public Relations. He caught drugs after the Directorate of Drugs intercepted Polda Metro Jaya with other suspects, ie, GN and ES as well as evidence of the methamphetamine at the Empress Hotel, Selatan, Friday (3/18/2011) ago.

Bomb squad Pattimura Airport Standby

2968073995 276241fbf9 Penjinak Bom Siaga di Bandara Pattimura

AMBON, - Ambo Island Police car to place a bomb squad unit in Pattimura International Airport, Ambon since last week. Placement of the car is intended to anticipate the possibility of bombings that occurred in the country is rife.

"Placement of one car unit Maluku Police bomb squad Gegana this only as a precaution against the possibility of a terrorist bombing in Pattimura Airport," said Airport Police Chief Pattimura, AKP M. Alfons, in Ambo, Wednesday (30/03/2011).

Placement of a car bomb squad units and 10 personnel equipped with metal detectors that also follow the instructions through the Maluku Police Chief Police Chief Gen. Pol Syarief Gunawan, in order to anticipate the possibility of bombings that occurred in this country lately.

"So far Pattimura Ambon Airport safe condition, including acts of terror bombings, but precaution is needed, so that flight activity to and from the international airport is guaranteed," he said.

It also has coordinated with the Angkasa Pura I as the manager of Pattimura Airport and the TNI Air Force (AU) to discuss joint security patterns and the steps that will be done if at any time of the terror bombs in the airport.

"We also regularly conduct raids along with the Air Force and security guards Angkasa Pura, to anticipate things that are not desirable because Pattimura airport is the only entrance to the Moluccas," he said.

Raids carried out not only to anticipate the action teros bombs, but also to things that are not desirable, including delivery of drugs and prohibited items through airport Pattimura.

General Manager of PT. Angkasa Pura Branch Ambon, Reggynald Kronnes, separately responded positively to the placement of one unit penjikan car bomb along with personnel Gegana Maluku Police in the Airport.

"Placement of a car bomb squad and police personnel Gegana Maluku is one of the Maluku Police efforts to create an atmosphere conducive and safe for flight activity and exit from the Moluccas," he said.

He hoped placement bomb squad cars and personnel Gegana can impact that aviation activity which served a number of airlines to and from outside Maluku to run smoothly and safely.

Kronnes add flights at the international airport activity is increasing, even Garuda Indonesia Airlines (GIA) also has added to her flight with the opening morning flights to and from the airport since 28 March, after previously serving only the afternoon flight.

Exposed to Radiation Hazards Food Consumption

69246 sushi 300 225 Bahaya Konsumsi Makanan Terpapar Radiasi

VIVAnews - The issue of radioactive contamination of food hazards increasingly disturbing. Not a few people in Indonesia, even the world that began to worry about the typical Japanese foods imported from countries that Sakura.

Today, food in Japan is potentially exposed to radiation is still observed the experts. WHO says the impact of radiation on food depends on the type of food and exposed soil type, and amount of exposure and the amount of food consumed.

Actually, what effect if eating foods that are exposed to nuclear radiation?

Food experts from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture Dr. Ir Nuri Andarwulan, MSI states, the food is exposed to radioactive nuclear could be lost nutrients, can even become toxic to the body that endanger health.

Nuri explained, nuclear radiation can produce two parts, namely radioactive rays and radioactive compounds. "If food is exposed to radioactive rays, can damage the existing compounds in food. For example, the compound of vitamins in foods can be whole, or even that there are other compounds in foods can be toxic to the body, "he said when contacted VIVAnews, Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

While the food is exposed to radioactive compounds, Nuri added that its effects can be deadly if consumed. "It also depends on which body part exposed. For example, iodine, which is one of the radioactive compounds can attack the thyroid and can cause thyroid cancer. "

Naturally, the human body has mechanisms to protect themselves from cell damage due to exposure to radiation and other harmful chemicals. However, as quoted by FoxNews, radiation at a certain level can not be tolerated by the body through the mechanism.

FoxNews health editor of Health, Dr Manny Alvarez said there are three factors that influence the impact of nuclear radiation. All three include the total radiation that is presented, how close to the source of radiation, and the last is how long the victims of radiation exposure.

The three factors that will determine what the impact will be felt by victims. High radiation can directly trigger a direct impact moment can be known, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and fever. While unconscious radiation can trigger long-term effects are usually even more dangerous. (Umi)

Wow! There are High Heels from Lego Pieces

leggo341 Wow! Ada High Heels dari Potongan Lego

- you are a fan of unique shoes? Get ready to hunt this one object, a pair of high heels shoes are made from pieces of colorful logos.

Reported by Refinery29, shoes were made by Finn Stone, a brand known for its unique product. One of Finn Stone's famous creations is the Ball Chair, a stool made from old plastic.

Now one more unique creations made Finn Stone, a pair of high heels from the pieces of lego. Shoes are named LEG-GO.

LEG-GO is made in limited numbers, only 12. Shoes were also only be sold through the gallery Byard Art in Cambridge, England. Unfortunately not known exactly how much the price of these shoes.

265 mobile phone from Rutan Destroyed

3042900p 265 Ponsel dari Rutan Dimusnahkan

BANJARMASIN, - Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in South Kalimantan, on Wednesday (30/03/2011), destroy the evidence obtained from the examination of visitors and operations against the residents of correctional institutions and detention centers in South Kalimantan.

Destroyed evidence, including 265 mobile phones, 78 blades sharp weapons, and 47,629 pills Dexter. These items are obtained from the operating results of LP and crease during the last five months.

Head Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in South Kalimantan Lukardono said it will impose strict sanctions to those in if it is proven to help incorporate these items.

"Increase awareness, reinforce visitors. They must be searched as tightly as possible for such goods are not up to the block, "he said.

Longer Breastfeeding Help Develop Brain

London (ANTARA News) - New research found that breastfeeding for longer periods can help develop larger brains.

Daily Mail revealed a three-year study of 128 species of mammals, including humans, found that pregnancy and lactation period longer produces larger brains in babies, the possibility of creating a higher IQ.

Research was conducted by scientists at Durham University, has been welcomed by scientists and add more weight to the argument that "breastfeeding is best."

Professor Robert Barton of the Department of Anthropology University said, "Our findings could not say whether adequate infant formulas or breast milk only as good as in infant brain development, but it raises questions that it could be a further investigation.

"The research we are doing helps us understand the implications of evolutionary change at different stages before and after birth. And we have found that brain growth in infants related to the amount of time and energy used by the mother to her child. "

Barton said there was a strong relationship between specific problem in the way a mother to produce their offspring and the link between fetal growth and length of pregnancy. According to Barton the scientists need to do more research on how growth before and after birth affects the brain anatomy.

The scientists focused on brain size and body, giving the mother and the history of life that are not fixed in mammals, such as gorillas and whales.

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The results showed that women who breastfeed their babies for more than three years after hhamil during the nine months to have a longer period of dependence because it is needed to support growth from 1300 cc brain.

However, small animals such as deer, which is roughly equal weight to human beings, just as long as seven months pregnant with periods of breast-feeding for more than six months. The result is 220 cc brain, six times smaller than the human brain.

Helen Robinson, public health specialists in the NHS (National Health Service) North of Thyne, said the analysis would support the suggestion WHO (World Health Organisation) on exclusive breastfeeding for six months followed by breastfeeding until the age old or more, mixed with solid food.

"This reinforces the need to encourage mothers breastfeeding in the first six months of life of children and as long as possible after that," said Robinson.

13 Side Effects Phone Usage Constantly
A maniac calling for long so be careful!
There was no denying that mobile phones (mobile phone) has been widely present a variety of convenience in human life. Although much debated, many people worried about the negative effects of radiation caused.
The largest study ever conducted about the dangers of mobile phones has denied the existence of the risk of brain cancer in penggguna phone. Research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates the risk is too great not to worry about.

However, recent research in India again emphasized the threat of cancer, especially in children and adolescents. The researchers, Prof Girish Kumar said that even radiation hazard also exists in some Base Transceiver Station (BTS).
"One base station can transmit power 50-100W. Countries that have many mobile operators such as India could be exposed to 200-400W power. Radiation can not be underestimated, can be very deadly," said Prof Kumar.

Quoted from DNAindia, following a number of negative impacts that can be caused by excessive radiation from mobile phone base stations and towers:

1. Risk of brain cancer in children and adolescents increased 400 percent due to the use of mobile phones. Users are getting younger age, the greater the impact caused by cell phone radiation.
2. Not only in children and adolescents, in adults too dangerous cell phone radiation. The use of mobile phone 30 minutes / day for 10 years can increase the risk of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma (a type of brain tumor that can cause deafness).
3. Cell phone radiation is also harmful to male fertility. According to research, excessive use of mobile phones could lower sperm count by 30 percent.
4. Phone's radio frequency can cause changes in human DNA and form free radicals in the body. Free radicals are carcinogens or compounds that can trigger cancer.
5. Phone's radio frequency also affect the performance of life support equipment (live saving gadgets) such as pacemakers. The result can increase the risk of sudden death.
6. A study to prove the production of stress hormones cortisol increase in the use of mobile phones in a long duration. Increased levels of stress is one form of the body's rejection response to things that endanger health.
7. Electromagnetic fields around the tower base stations can reduce the body's immune system. As a result the body more often experience allergic reactions such as rashes and itching.
8. The use of mobile phones more than 30 minutes / day for 4 years can lead to hearing loss (deafness). Mobile phone radiation could trigger persistent tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hair cell damage which is the audio sensors on the organ of hearing.
9. Due to the excessive use of mobile phones, radio frequency used (900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2450 MHz) can increase the temperature in the layer of the eye that lead to corneal damage.
10. Emissions and cell phone radiation can reduce the body's immune because it reduces the production of melatonin. In the long term, this condition can affect the health of bones and joints and lead to arthritis.
11. Risk of cancer in saliva glands increased as a result of excessive use of mobile phones.
12. Magnetic field around the phone that lights can trigger damage to the nervous system that have an impact on sleep disorders. In the long term damage it can accelerate dementia.
13. Electromagnetic fields around base stations also have an impact on the environment. Birds and bees to often experience disorientation or loss of direction, so easy to stress because they can not find a way back to the nest.

Sola Aoi Main Film Indonesia "Suster Kerama 2"

news Sora Aoi Japanese porn star to Indonesia Latest Gossip Artis Indonesia - The arrival of Japanese porn movie star, Miyabi some time ago received criticism and rejection from several organizations. Now turn Sola Aoi that will play in the Indonesian film titled 'Sister shampoo 2'. He also hopes to receive the people of Indonesia.

"I really hope to be accepted by the people of Indonesia," he told detikhot sidelines shooting schedule, in Jakarta some time ago.

With all the criticism and rejection of himself as a porn star, do not make Sola Aoi fear. Instead he was grateful and proud to be considered by the people of Indonesia.

In perdanannya appearance in the film Indonesia, Aoi usual he greeted, "very happy to play with the actor and actress of Indonesia. According to 27-year girl, Indonesian people he meets are all very polite and friendly.

"Delighted, Indonesian people are very polite and friendly," he said with a smile.

Want to know how the action in the movie 'Sister shampoo 2'? Just wait for further news.

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Results and Video Games Costa Rica vs Argentina (Friendly Match 2011)

Results Costa Rica vs. Argentina. After the draw with the United States held 1-1, Argentina again failed to gain victory over Costa Rica. In a test match after a few moments ago, Costa Rica is able to hold them with the score 0-0.

Playing at the Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica San Jose, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, Argentina as dead creations, some of the major stars can not be derived, including Lionel Messi, who is still injured.

Fairly radical changes implemented by coach Sergio Batista, the main stars in the previous game against the United States dropped a lot of that is stored, instead of the less famous names that graced the line up.

The first round matches went flat, Costa Rica hosts more frequently and tend to show crude defensive game with their offenses.

One of the best opportunities Tango belongs striker Jose Sosa is receiving feedback Ever Banega, but Sosa still able to kick the goalkeeper anticipated by the opponent, Keilor Navas, with glorious rescue.

Bryan Ruiz could make supporters of Argentina beat faster, when he opened fire on a flat hard nan is escorted toward the goal keeper club Catania, Mariano Andujar, but the tip of Andujar makes the ball wide.

The second half is like a match in the first interval of 45 minutes, Argentina often struggled to break the tight line behind Costa Rica, Javies Pastore was also not able to show off with his skill, as he usually displayed with Palermo.

Batista then decided to enter new names for the refresher. Mario Bolatti, Fernando Belluschi and Nicolas Otamendi play, but the result still the same.

Both teams really rarely involved adu ciamik attack, which is often one of the two teams do bait and so easy to lose control of the ball.

Albiceleste had no solid in the first round, and in the second half was even worse. The only chance is good enough to be owned by the defender, Marcos Angeleri.

Players who played for the club Sunderland are doing hard shot and put the ball into the top corner, but once again belong Navas special appearance and score did not change.

Results 0-0 following the 1-1 draw was obtained captain Javier Mascherano cs against the United States in the previous game, a chore that must be completed Batista in their preparations to host the 2011 Copa America this summer.

Video results match Argentina vs Costa Rica can be seen in Soccer Video .

The composition of Argentina vs Costa Rica Cast:

Costa Rica: Navas; Duarte, Acosta, Vidal, Mora (Quesada 78), Borges (David Perez 59), Dennis Amos, Oviedo (Valencia 85), Ruiz (Barrantes 67), Saborio (Martinez 88), Bolanos (Marcos Porras 76 )

Argentina: Andujar; Angeleri, Garay, G. Milito (Ortamendi 46), Alberto Rojo, Banega (Belluschi 46), Mascherano (Bolatti 46), Biglia, Fabian Gaitan, Jose Sosa (Salvio 46), Pastore

In the chaotic Persib Management Umuh Muchtar Replaced After Glen Sugita

In the chaotic Persib Management Umuh Muchtar Replaced After Glen Sugita . Shifting Diretur chair of PT Persib Bandung Dignity of Umuh Muchtar to Glen Sugita had been expected. Because since the beginning Umuh and the consortium as majority owner looks less so nyetel.

Umuh with a passionate sikpanya plus militancy as boboth Persib Persib very ambitious to raise achievement. Authority is very great because in addition to serving president director of PT United Nations, he was also manager Persib.

With that authority, he freely control Persib, Umuh took the initiative to bring coaches and players are considered to be menggerek Persib achievement. However, the style Persib Umuh handle the sometimes less computation in the financial aspect seems less in line with the policy of the consortium. PT United Nations wants to manage in a professional manner in accordance Persib business principles.

Conversely Umuh rate highly oriented consortium flying businesses. He also had complained about the consortium is not a pure fight Persib. "They just make Persib as a commercial enterprise," said Umuh.

Umuh also often disagree with the consortium led by Glen Sugita. In the early recruitment of coaches in this season, a consortium of thrusting Daniel Darko Janackovic, but Umuh already have their own candidate, namely Rahmat Darmawan and Albert Rene. Later Umuh accept Darko, but eventually Darko frozen out before the competition rolling.

"If I did not resign, then I funds that have been used Persib not be returned. Had I resigned because I want my money back," called Umuh.

Last comment is what makes the ear 's management, the UN and a consortium of hot bosses. So far they have never been forced to step down Umuh Director of the UN. There is also a statement of objections related smells SARA take place about who manages Persib and shareholders as quoted by an online media.

Vice President Director of the UN, Muhammad Farhan, denied charges of coercion behind Umuh case. Umuh pullback from the office of president is the mandate of the shareholders' general meeting (AGM) on 26 November 2010.

"The meeting agreed to build a good corporate, we did not expect the double post. When it appears the options Mr. Glenn became president director of PT United Nations and Mr. Umuh become team manager," said Farhan.

Farhan also claimed to be surprised with the statement that is offensive Umuh due to non-SARA SARA is one of the principle of PT United Nations, according to anti-racism stance championed FIFA.

"This statement is alarming. What is wrong with people that she loves Persib descent? We are also not likely to bring Persib out of Bandung," said Farhan.

Confusion that occurred in the management Persib in the middle of the season are not directly impact on the team. Players feel uncomfortable with situations that are not conducive to this. "I hope the problem is soon completed. Our task on the ground was very heavy," said Eka Ramdani, captain Persib.

Bobotoh really hope Umuh and the consortium would sit together to find the best solution for Persib. According to the Commander of the Vikings, Ayi Beutik, if both parties compact, can be a powerful force. Umuh have the militancy and determination to advance Persib large, while the consortium has the capital and the ability to manage a business.

"These problems usually occur in the transition period. However, if you can pass well, I'm sure Persib would be a big club, in terms of achievement or business. Over to progress Persib, all policies PT UN certainly we support," said Beutik.